Look Younger and Hide Flaws Instantly With Online Automatic Photo Retouching.

Ask just about anyone and they will say they are rarely satisfied with pictures of themselves. Often, people struggle with taking picture after picture, only to find theirflaws seem to stick out. Though everyone can feel self-conscious about their appearance from time to time, Cassie Miller's (name changed for privacy) story goes beyond simple vanity.

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Several years before, Cassie was involved in an accident that left her with a scar on her cheek. Though years of healing time had faded the scar to some extent, she saw it is a blight on her complexion. No matter how many times her boyfriend told her how beautiful she was, she refused to allow him to keep her picture on his phone or post it on social media sites.

Cassie had become a prisoner in her mistaken notion she was no longer beautiful because of her scar. Though she could cover it quite well with makeup, cameras always seemed to expose it. Her driver's license photo seemed to show the damage worse than any other, leaving her to feel ashamed every time she had to show her ID.

Her boyfriend, Kevin, became determined to prove to Cassie she was just as beautiful as he claimed. He took some of the photos and began to study photo editing. He was overwhelmed at all of the different steps that were needed when using certain types of software.

Kevin wanted to remove her scar, not alter her picture to the point it no longer looked like her. Unfortunately, he failed in trying to edit her photos. Most of the programs he used ended up making the editing job look unprofessional. Some even distorted her cheek and made her look like an alien. He had almost given up when he came across PinkMirror.com.

First of all, he was amazed at how easy it was to upload Cassie's photo and get started. There was an auto feature that seemed to know exactly what needed to be corrected on the photo. The software easily removed the small scar that Cassie hated and even brightened her teeth to an incredible white, something she had always longed for.

Once Kevin had edited the photo through PinkMirror.com, he was thrilled with the results. The scar was completely gone as if it had never been there. Kevin had always known Cassie was beautiful, but now he knew she would have no choice but to see it herself!

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PinkMirror.com is a photo retouching site like no other. Instead of requiring the user to retouch their photo themselves, using editing tools, PinkMirror's automatic photo retouching takes care of it all. It can remove those dark circles around the eyes, the crow's feet and fine lines and even minor scarring, like in Cassie's case.

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Using the face-detection software, PinkMirror.com instantly scans the face and begins to go to work on removing any imperfections and bringing out the true beauty of the subject in the photo. Not only do people look slimmer, younger and more radiant, they can also say goodbye to marks or scars that mar their face so they can finally be happy with their photo and no longer be ashamed to show it.

Cassie was so pleased with her photo, she had copies printed and framed for her entire family. She also proudly posted it on social media sites. Just like Cassie, anyone can experience the astounding results only PinkMirror can offer.

Try PinkMirror out today and see how incredible it can make photos look. It will correct flaws and lighting issues to make a person look their very best without giving them a fake look. This amazing program will delight people who see they can turn back the hands of time with just a few clicks.

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