Get A Cosmetic-Free Makeover In Minutes With Digital Contouring & Highlighting.

It’s been said that ‘contouring is the new Photoshop’ and makeup artists absolutely love the process because it has a remarkable transformative effect. It’s no exaggeration to say contouring and highlighting can transform your face but the trouble is, it takes forever and constant application of makeup is not good news for your skin!

What is Contouring?

The term ‘contour’ means to mold or shape and also to outline. In cosmetic terms it refers to the process of creating shadows which work to define certain areas, enhance shapes and create a more sculpted look overall.

What is Highlighting?

This is essentially the process of adding light to your face. When you add light to certain areas on your face, you make them appear more prominent so you can accentuate your best features which leads to a more attractive look overall.

It’s a huge mistake to assume that eyeliner, lipstick, mascara and lip gloss are all you need to create the right look. In reality, contour powder and highlighter do the hard work of defining your features and sculpting your face.

A Multi-Stage Process

Whether you are contouring and highlighting using cosmetics or are using PinkMirror, the entire process consists of a number of steps. The big difference is that PinkMirror is a lot faster and you don’t need to continually expose your face to the chemicals in makeup.

The Right Products: Once you have uploaded the photo(s) of your choosing, the next step is to pick the products that suit your features the best. For instance, when choosing a bronzer to contour, look for a matte product no more than 1-2 shades darker than your existing skin tone. There are also contouring powders designed to shape the face.

Sculpt Your Cheekbones: If your cheekbones are not particularly prominent in photos, you can help your cause by taking a picture where you suck in your cheeks. Then you can use the contouring product to make the shape of the figure ‘3’ down your face starting from your temple, down your cheeks before finally ending at your chin. This technique works fantastically well even if you have faint cheekbones.

Nose Slimming: If you believe your nose looks too big in photos, apply contouring powder down both sides of the bridge of your nose in a straight line with a shadow brush. You can start from just beneath the eyebrows.

Facial Slimming: If you believe that a part of your face is too wide or large, you can create a ‘slimming’ effect by contouring just outside of it. For example, applying the powder beneath the jaw and along the neckline can reduce the appearance of a double chin or strong jaw.

Start Blending: Once the contouring process has been completed, the next step is to ‘blend’ the product in for a more natural look.

Highlighting: Always remember that light colors maximize and dark colors minimize so highlight the areas you want to be seen and use dark powder on areas you want to keep covered.

If you think all of the above is hard work, it is, but only if you are physically using powders and creams. If you use the contouring and highlighting feature in PinkMirror, all of the above can be done digitally in minutes. The days of spending hours applying makeup in order to take a pretty picture are gone! You can literally get out of bed, take a picture and a look a million dollars thanks to the magic of PinkMirror.

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