Use Nose Shaping To Sculpt Your Ideal Look.

Your nose is probably your face’s most defining characteristic and its size and shape will play a major role in how you feel about your face overall. These feelings will be amplified by how your nose looks on camera. Do you feel as if it:
- Appears to be too wide?
- Is too long?
- Doesn’t ‘fit’ the rest of your face?
It’s okay! Lots of people feel this way but instead of spending thousands of dollars on rhinoplasty, use PinkMirror to reduce the width, length or shape of your nose in photos.

Types of Nose

According to a survey performed by the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery, there are 14 distinctive nose types! An expert analyzed almost 1,800 noses and while a majority of them fell into ‘basic’ types including straight and downward hooking, other experts believe there are a variety of nose types that can’t be covered by a handful of classifications.

Your nose is a complex structure that is made up of various pieces of bone and cartilage and its shape is determined by the positions of upper & lower lateral cartilages and nasal bones. A combination of differences in the positions of these three areas may lead to a unique appearance. Unfortunately, in some instances, the end result is unflattering on camera.

The Perception of Beauty

There is no getting away from it; noses have a major impact on our perception of beauty. For thousands of years, the nose has been seen as an indicator of character; for example, in Ancient Rome & Greece a long and strong nose suggested an individual with strength and power.

Given this information, we shouldn’t be surprised to learn that rhinoplasty is in the top 5 most performed cosmetic surgery procedures in the United States. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), says there were almost 150,000 nose jobs performed in the U.S in 2013.

The main problem with rhinoplasty is the level of precision required; if a surgeon is just one millimeter out, the end result could be disastrous.

The Aging Process

Aging is inevitable and so are alterations in your nose over the course of time. By the time you are 17 years old, your nose should stop growing but as you get older, it begins to lengthen and droop. This is due to a combination of collagen, proteins and elastin in your skin breaking down and the relentless tug of gravity. Therefore, your nose may look very different in photographs of you aged 45 compared to when you were 25.

nose shaping photo editor.jpg

Fortunately, you don’t need a surgeon’s scalpel or any other drastic measures in order to ensure your nose looks the way you want on camera. The above photos demonstrate the power of PinkMirror.

As always, subtle changes are best and you can see that this lady’s nose has been narrowed ever so slightly; as minor as the alteration seems to be, the overall change in her appearance is quite drastic. Add in a few slight touch-ups here and there and the subject suddenly looks at least a decade younger. Best of all, the photo looks completely natural.

Don’t underestimate the impact your nose has on how you look in photos. If you’re not happy with what you see, use the magic of PinkMirror for gentle touch-ups which lead to a profound difference!