Easily and Effortlessly Remove Skin Spots For Picture Perfect Skin.

If you have skin spots or blemishes, you may come down with a case of ‘camera shyness’ which is a real shame because with PinkMirror, it is an issue that can quickly and easily be dealt with. Regardless of whether you have freckles, pimples, scars, bumps, acne or moles, you can transform your profile picture so that you appear to have flawless skin.

The Psychology of Clear Skin

If you have clear skin in photos, observers will immediately believe you are healthy, confident and happy; mainly because people with almost flawless skin tend to exhibit the above traits!

We often assume that only teenagers with acne worry about having clearer skin but it is also an issue with adults, especially those of an advanced age because no one likes looking in the mirror to see a map of their life etched on their face. Unfortunately, people with less than clear skin are more prone to the following:

- Withdrawal: You may feel as if everyone is judging you; this feeling is only exacerbated when you post photos online.

- Low Self-Esteem: The above may cause you to withdraw and since you feel unattractive, a reduction in your self-esteem levels is inevitable.

- Poor Body Image: If you have low self-confidence, you’re less likely to take care of yourself which may lead to weight gain or excess weight loss. If you can create photos of you looking flawless, you’re more likely to begin a skincare regime to try and replicate what you see in the photos; there is also the potential for other self improvement.

- Frustration: A combination of the above factors can only lead to frustration which may give you a more negative outlook on life.

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Paint a Prettier Picture!

Instead of settling for second best and allowing the flaws on your skin to take center stage, why not create pictures similar to what you’ll find in glossy magazines? Do you really think celebrities all have flawless skin?

In the above photo you can see a middle-aged woman who seems to be genuinely happy in what is a very nice picture. Unfortunately, you can see the wrinkles around her mouth and the crow’s feet beneath her eyes which ages her and also makes her look quite tired even though she is clearly trying to look energized.

When PinkMirror was used to remove those skin blemishes, the results are quite staggering. Now she looks several years younger; you’ll notice that the wrinkles have been ‘softened’ rather than completely removed, this is because complete removal would make the image look fake. As things stand, it is a realistic photo but the woman’s smile really stands out as do her vibrant eyes.

If you want to remove skin blemishes and other issues while still ensuring the picture actually looks like you, try PinkMirror’s Spot Removal feature. Now you can create profile pictures that capture you on your best day and allow the world to see the real you.