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Do you know Your Casual Pictures Is Holding You Back From Getting Your Dream Job?

Employment is one of the biggest areas that has been impacted by the introduction of technology. Unlike the past, conventional hiring practices have been completely replaced by modern solutions that provide employers with the ability to effectively vet out the right candidate out of thousands of potential applicants.

I mean no one really has the time to go through a thousand emails right?

This has made it really important for applicants to focus on getting the key factors right. It is important to realize that employers are filtering through resumes with an eye for the right keywords.

Having a plain textual resume might have been enough once upon a time but with the rapid growth in digital filtering abilities, employers are looking for digital profiles and portfolios to effectively vet out the right candidates for jobs. Social profiles can be expressive of a ton of information without being explicit about the contents. Just the social images alone can be a major factor in the determination of the right candidates.

It can be tempting to upload a funny selfie on your LinkedIn but it can be a major dealbreaker in your job application.

So many candidates fail to get their desired job despite having a proven history of performance and academic achievement. The common reaction is to wonder about what went wrong during the process.

It might be shocking for someone candidates to know that social profile pictures can be one of the biggest pre-qualifiers for most modern jobs. With the integration of digital tools into the vetting process, companies are now able to have a comprehensive insight into the messages conveyed through images by using digital analysis tools and vetting mechanisms.

So the next time you wonder why you didn’t hear back about your job application, make sure that you review your social media and resume images to rethink about the message you are conveying.

But don’t worry, you can make sure that everything is perfect in your picture by following the guideline below.

Figuring Out the Right Details

Every aspect of the photo conveys a strong message to your prospective employer. Unknowingly, your picture is conveying an image to the viewer. This image can be extremely powerful in developing the first impression that the employer has about you. Often times this impression can the central vetting tool in filtering out the right candidates. Here is how you can make sure every element of your picture is on-point.

Conveying Confidence: Confidence is definitely one of the most important aspects of any picture. According to a research conducted by the Harvard Business Review, confidence is one of the most important factors in inducting trust. This trust can be a precursor of inducing a positive outcome for your job application. Make sure you convey confidence in your picture by adapting comfortable postures and opting for facial expressions that tell employers you know what you are doing. Posing with confidence is all about owning your look and exuding your best profile. Make sure you accentuate your best traits and physical outlook in the picture.

Dress to Impress: No one ever got a high-profile job by compromising on how they look. They way you dress embodies who you are. It is really important to maintain professional presence on social media websites, the best way to do that is by opting for formal dressing options that are inline with modern formal dress codes. Going for a formal dressing choice presents a professional outlook for your personality. Opting for professional dressing choices can be one of the biggest difference makers in your online picture.

Hire A Professional: The evolution of digit tools and hardware has massively enhanced the possibilities of modern-day smartphones. Despite the monumental progress made by smartphone cameras, the importance of having the right professional guideline makes a world of difference. When it comes to your digital image, make sure you hire a professional to get the right results.

Quality is Everything: No one likes to see pixelated pictures that seem like they belong to a 19th century museum.
The world thing you can do while choosing your profile picture is going for substandard low-quality pictures that are zoomed disproportionately. As a part of the 21st century workforce, make sure your profile picture represents you at your best. That is why it is often a great idea to utilize the maximum allowed file sizes for the images to convey the highest level of detail. Higher quality images often correlate to increased positive sentiments in the viewer. Make sure you upload the highest quality image possible to make a strong impression on the viewer.

The reaction to seeing the right profile images is a natural human reflex. Often times employers are not even aware of the sub-conscious decision-making process that often dictates the final hiring decision for employers. Even though it can seem to be a cursory part of the process, paying attention to your pictures can be a great way to make the right first impressions with some of the top investors and individuals across the world. Whether it is a resume or an online portfolio, your digital image is a reflection of your personality, and in extenuation, a major aspect of your first impression. By putting in the time to get things right, you will be able to breeze through the employment process without having to settle for less than what you deserve.

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