Photo Retouching

Tweak The Retouched Photo To Your Taste

Step1: Tweak Your Photo.
Step2: Tweak Example:
Step3: Retouch Again
Step4: Wait For Few Minutes.
Step5: Retouched Photo With New Settings.
Step6: Save Your Photo.

Step1: Tweak your photo.

Tweak your photos to look just the way that you would like them to look, so fresh and so appealing. With pinkmirror, you do not have to upload photos of lesser quality. You can take advantage of tweaking settings to tweak your photo as desired. These settings help you to improve the appearance of your image since they are effective, boost the optimizing levels and in turn add saturation and tweak the white balance to give warmer colors. The tweak settings allow you to change the strength of your operations by altering between the OFF, LOW, HIGH and the MAX icons by clicking on the desired settings. The tweak features range from Spot Removal, Red Eye Removal, Eye Brightening, Large Eyes, Face Lift, Nose Sharper, Teeth Whitening, to Rosy Face. Applying this changes made to your already retouched picture is quite easy. Just click onto the “Retouch Again with Changes” button and there you will have your desired photo!

Step2: Tweak example:

What everybody wants is to have the best photo that they can manage to get in their profiles in the many different social networks, particularly Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, capturing a great photo requires skills and techniques, but you certainly do not have to be in the photography profession to have a great photo in your profile. With the pinkmirror retouch and now the tweak features, you can now have that captivating photo you have always wanted in your Facebook account. For instance, the Spot Removal settings in pinkmirror allows you to eradicate all the spots in the face captured in your photo, making it as smooth and supple as you can ever imagine. This feature and others come with the Off, Low, High and Max settings that allow you to alter the extent of changes that you want to implement on to your image. Changed the ‘Spot Removal’ setting from LOW to MAX.

Step3: Retouch again

Whichever feature of tweaking you decide to use, from the Spot Removal, Red Eye Removal to Eye Brightening, face sculpting features such as Large Eyes, Face Lift and Nose Shaper to color correction settings such as Face Brightening, Teeth Whitening and Rosy Face, you will need to save the changes for them to be implemented into your photo. Not all of the tweak features will work well with all the photos that you intend to upload on the pinkmirror interface, depending on the gender of the face and the special features in the photo. It is advisable to implement the features one after the other, say, Eye Brightening and Teeth Whitening first and then Red Eye Removal and Spot Removal after clicking on the “Retouch Again” button. Remember that to implement the changes that you have made on the photo you want to upload, you must “Retouch again with changes”.

Step4: Wait for few minutes.

After you have chosen a few tweaks, you want on your photo, pinkmirror will tell you to wait for a few minutes as your photo is being processed. However, although the application says five minutes, the wait is usually less as it depends on the number of tweaks you have chosen for your photo. This wait is necessary in order to allow for processing. The application tweaks your photo by removing spots on your face, brightening your eyes or removing the red eye effect from them. It also sculpts your face by giving it a face-lift, enlarging your eyes or sharpening your nose. In addition, it corrects the color of your photo and brightens your face or whitens your teeth. It does all this quickly as you wait. Pink mirror will process your photo automatically for the best results and you don’t have to do a thing.

Step5: Retouched photo with new settings.

After waiting for five minutes or less for pink mirror to process your photo, you will view the results of the retouch. Your photo is shown with one side of your face as it was before the retouch and the other side as it appears after retouch. There is a setting you can use to increase or reduce either side of your face. You can also decide to look at the two photos side by side. This will allow you to zoom in and out of your photo using the slider provided. Your tweaked face will definitely appear more beautiful than before retouch. In fact, a score is also given for your photo before and after retouch and the scores after the retouch are usually higher. If you don’t like the results of your photo, then you can decide to retouch your photo again with different settings.

Step6: Save your photo.

After tweaking your photo to your satisfaction, you can then upload it to Facebook. This is a free service and your photo comes with a watermark saying pink In addition, your photo is only a small sized photo. When you click on the post to Facebook button, a new browser page will open where you can log in with your Facebook details to upload the retouched photo. However, if you want to upload the photo on another social site besides Facebook or want to use it on your digital photo album, you will need to save it on your computer hard disk first. To do this, you will have to register for the premium service. However, in addition to getting a photo with no water mark, you also get a larger sized photo.

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