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Facial Fat – Massage your face to discover a thinner look. Your Definitive Guide To Lose Facial Fat [Part 4 of 7]

Massage your face to discover a thinner look.

Increased blood circulation, reduced inflammation and stimulation of cell regeneration are just some of the benefits of massage. Just as your body feels relaxed and energised following a massage, your face can benefit from a facial massage. It relaxes your facial muscles, stretches the skin and flesh, helps in reducing facial fat and water retention and in flushing out toxins and rejuvenates vitality within your flesh, blood and bones.
You don’t need to necessarily go to a spa to get a facial massage though it’s always a great way to indulge and pamper yourself. Here are 3 simple massage techniques you can do-it-yourself.

1. Massage with Gua Sha Stone.
2. Chinese Soup Spoon Massage.
3. Massage using your fingers.

1. Massage with Gua Sha Stone.

Massage with Gua Sha Stone for a slim faceGua Sha is a traditional Chinese medical practice that involves stimulating blood circulation by massaging or scraping the surface of the skin. Using Gua Sha Stone, you can massage your face and activate blood circulation, smoothen skin texture, reduce the occurrence of wrinkles and prevent facial fat from accumulating as well as get rid of unwanted flabby fat deposits on your chin and cheeks.

Apply an organic and natural oil such as coconut oil or almond oil liberally all over your face before massaging with the Gua Sha Stone to prevent the formation of any marks on your skin. Use soft yet firm and gentle strokes. There may be some redness or discoloration immediately following the massage which should disappear after a while.

Spend 5 to 10 minutes massaging your face with particular focus on the areas which tend to accumulate facial fat such as the chin, cheeks, the jawline, around the eyes and the forehead. You may do the massage every second day or even daily depending on your convenience. You can do it yourself while lying down or you can ask a friend, family member or partner to do it for you. Be gentle and do not hurry the massage. Also be careful not to hurt yourself, especially while massaging near the eyes.

2. Chinese Soup Spoon Massage.

Chinese Soup Spoon Massage for a slim faceAn alternative to the Gua Sha Stone is to use a Chinese Soup Spoon. While it is not very difficult to acquire a Gua Sha Stone, in the absence of it, you can use a conventional Chinese ceramic soup spoon instead. The rounded shape of the spoon is ideal to massage the face.

Make sure you apply enough oil to cover your face and allow smooth movement of the Chinese soup spoon across the surface of your facial features. Use an organic and natural oil such as coconut oil or almond oil.
While the effects of using a Gua Sha Stone in the massage is faster and more evident, you can derive results that are comparable using a Chinese soup spoon.

Be careful not to hurt yourself. Massage with long and gentle strokes in a symmetrical fashion. Begin with the centre of your forehead and slowly make your way down devoting equal effort and time on each side of your face. There may be some discoloration or redness which indicates stimulation of the blood circulation and expelling toxins. The redness should disappear after a while.

3. Massage using your fingers – lose facial fat.

Massage using your fingers to lose facial fatIf you are not comfortable using a Gua Sha Stone or a Chinese ceramic soup spoon, then you can simply massage your face with your fingers. Dip your fingertips in some kind of natural and organic oil such as almond oil or coconut oil and slowly massage your face.
Begin with the forehead and use the fingertips of both hands to make long, gentle yet firm strokes. Start with the centre and move towards the sides. There’re many video tutorials available online which you can use as a guide to perform the massage on your face. Apply more pressure in areas where you feel there are more facial fat deposits such as the cheeks and chin.

The measures and methods described in this guide are intended to inform the reader. Readers are advised to exercise discretion in choosing any of the measures or methods described. It is possible that how you view yourself and how other people see you could be different. Confiding and consulting with family members, friends and well-wishers will help you overcome any wrongly-perceived notions that may be affecting your opinion about your appearance. Seeking professional medical advice or other forms of expert advice is also recommended before taking any steps to modify your appearance.

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