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Eye Brightening Photo Editor: Get Bright Eyes and Brilliant Photos Easily!

It is a fact that your eyes are capable of absolutely dominating a photograph. Indeed, when you get the eyes ‘right’, you transform a mediocre image into a spectacular one. How often have you taken a picture only to find that your eyes look flat and dull? This can completely suck the life out of what is otherwise a good photograph. Use the eye brightening photo editor from PinkMirror today! You will have beautiful eyes in minutes.

The Importance of Eyes in Photos

Did you know that Hollywood legend Marlon Brando always tried to close his eyes whenever Paparazzi attempted to take his photo? He knew the images were not worth publishing if his eyes were closed.

Your eyes are even more crucial when it comes to portrait photography. This is because bright eyes can give new life to a fairly dull portrait. Unfortunately, unless you are a professional photographer it is normal to make mistakes. These may include having poor lighting, eyes that lack connection or out of focus eyes.

How To Get Stunning Eyes In Photographs

Your eyes look their best in photos when they are properly lit and catch beautiful light. The type of light source used determines the shape, size and brightness of your catch lights. When using the PinkMirror eye brightening photo editor, you can get perfect eyes every time.


This one is down to you. Do your eyes look cold and nervous every time you take a photo? There are a number of ‘visualization’ exercises to use that make your eyes seem warm and confident which in turn will light up the image. Of course, you also need a genuine smile or your eyes will look dull. If you are nervous this will be reflected in your eyes. The great news is the PinkMirror eye brightening photo editor brightens and magnifies the true expression in your eyes.

Post Production with an Eye Brightening Photo Editor

This is where PinkMirror can come in. You can use the eye brightening photo editor feature to make a poor photo look good and a good picture can look amazing when you get it right. When it comes to Photoshop, some people are guilty of overdoing. However, with PinkMirror, all you need is a few adjustments to get the desired result.

An old pro’s tip is to avoid working on an image for at least 24 hours after your initial post production work. This should prevent you from going too far.
A prime example of getting it absolutely right using PinkMirror can be seen above. In the ‘Before’ picture, the woman’s eyes look rather flat and it causes the entire picture to falter because there is no single feature that jumps out at you. This also means there are no secondary features accentuated.

In the ‘After’ image, her eyes are noticeably brighter. This immediately elevates the entire image so now we also notice smoother skin and bright, full lips. In simple terms, the ‘After’ picture has the ‘X’ factor while the ‘Before’ image is mundane and forgettable.

Now you know the importance of brighter eyes in photos. Hopefully you will be keen to breathe new life into older images which seemed to be missing something. With PinkMirror, you too can take standout pictures that garner positive attention online.

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