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Larger Eyes and Wider Eyes are Simple With Pinkmirror! Get Them in Your Photos Today!

Bigger eyes in photos enhance your appearance. A variety of university studies have shown that men find women with larger eyes and wider eyes to be more attractive than ladies with smaller eyes.

Indeed, the perceived attractiveness of larger eyes has led to a trend. This trend includes women using contact lenses with large limbal rings and cosmetics in order to make their eyes look larger. In extreme cases, cosmetic surgery is used for a more permanent effect.

This is hardly a surprise since your eyes stand out on your face. When you make them wider, you improve the overall quality of any photo. This is apparent when you see portraits of kids as their bright and large eyes are undoubtedly standout features.

How Larger Eyes Make You Look Younger

If you believe you look old and drawn out in photos, using PinkMirror to get wider eyes helps. You can increase the size of your eyes and shave years off your appearance. The software will make you look healthier and more attractive to boot.

Did you know that your eyes are completely developed and physiologically the same size as an adult’s by the time you are 7 years of age?

Since your eyes do not grow from that point onwards, the size of your eyes relative to the rest of your face actually decreases as you get older. This means young kids have significantly larger eyes than adults relatively speaking. Therefore, adults with larger than normal eyes are automatically deemed to be younger than their real age.

Express Yourself with Wider Eyes

It’s also a fact that larger eyes and wider eyes enable you to be more expressive. Remember, they say your eyes are the windows to your soul! When you have larger eyes it becomes easier to show how you’re feeling on camera. So, use PinkMirror to widen them and show the world if you’re happy, sad or just goofing around!
The photos above are perfect illustrations of how to use PinkMirror to breathe new life into your images. In the ‘before’ picture you see the attractiveness of the subject. You also see she looks tired and possibly older than her years.

In the ‘after’ picture you see the difference wider eyes can make. Now her eyes look prettier and their natural color really stands out. The overall effect is quite dramatic and now the subject looks arguably 10+ years younger. All it took was a few minutes with PinkMirror!

Combine & Conquer!

We are proud of what PinkMirror can do. Especially with the fact that you can combine the various features such as eye widening, chin lifting, face sculpting and lip augmentation to create the prettiest of pictures.

There is really no limit to what you can do with PinkMirror as the software features dozens of neat options. Do you want to correct a slightly misshapen nose? Maybe remove some excess fat from your cheeks? Do you want to get wider eyes to make them fresher with the goal of having a more youthful appearance on camera? You can rely on PinkMirror to give you the best photos ever!

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Can you advise me: I am 70 years old. I just want a simple program or software to be able to open eyes on photos. I have searched and searched , only found photoshop. I do not like photoshop as it wants to change all my desktop . ithank you Joan

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