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Lip Augmentation: Change Your Lips For A Perfect Pout!

Do You Need a Lip Augmentation?

Did you know that people often see it as a sign of good health if you have full & plump lips? Who doesn’t want to look energetic, healthy and happy in their pictures? You should consider using PinkMirror for lip augmentation if you:
– Have thin lips that disappear when you smile.
– Are a little older because your lips will inevitably become less full as you age.
– Look at pictures and become self-conscious because you believe your lips are too thin.
– Want to ‘balance’ out your face; fuller lips achieve this look beautifully.

What Do Your Lips Say About You?

Face reading experts say a lot is said about a person from their lips. Do you feel as if your pout doesn’t quite represent the individual you really are? If so, don’t worry because the PinkMirror lip augmentation tool will rectify this issue. It will detect the size of your lips and add fullness if necessary. Let’s take a quick look at the different types of lips and what they say about a person.

Average Size

If your lips lack any exaggerating features you are said to be even-keeled when it comes to your relationships. This means you like closeness but are not needy and not prone to creating drama.

Full Lips

If your lips are a full-pout like Angelina Jolie, you are a giving person who likes to put the needs of others before your own. If your full lips sit on a larger mouth, you are also likely to be generous and helpful.

Thin Lips

If you have thinner lips, you are said to be a loner and uncomfortable in relationships. Those with thin lips and a small mouth are said to not have interest in getting into long-lasting relationships.

Thick in the Middle

Some people have lips that are thicker in the middle. Many say this is a sign of a person who likes to be the center of attention and has a self-indulgent streak.

Fake Lips

Artificially enhanced lips are said to state that person is less stable than other people emotionally. Enhancements to your bottom lip state you are likely to be a pleasure seeker. Enhancements to your upper lip state you’re a people pleaser.

Even if you believe the above is complete nonsense, using the lip augmentation feature in PinkMirror is a great idea if you are unhappy with how your lips look on camera. Do you not like how thick your lips are in comparison to the rest of your face? Maybe you want to enhance your thin lips without the use of collagen or other artificial means.

Visible pouting lips in women suggest healthy levels of estrogen and an active sex drive. How often have you seen women carefully rub their lipstick over the lip line in order to make their lips look juicier and plumper?

With PinkMirror, it is possible to get those full lips you have always had a desire for on your images. You will get to enhance your feminine look as well so try out the PinkMirror service today.

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