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Glowing Smooth Skin That Shows Your True Face

Very few people are ever satisfied with what they see in photos because they will inevitably only focus on the negatives and unfortunately, the camera tends to tell the truth. Even if you have smooth and healthy skin, there will be flaws that get enhanced and fail to truly represent the way you look.

Why Do We Dislike Images Of Ourselves?

There are quite a few reasons; the most obvious one is that throughout our lives we have seen ourselves like no one else does; in the mirror. As a result, our image of ourselves is the one we are used to but is really a mirror image of what everyone else sees and what gets captured on camera.

When we look at images of ourselves, we see the countless tiny asymmetries which don’t match up to what our brains wish for us to see and the end result is dissatisfaction with the photo.

Another reason which may surprise you is that the left and right sides of our face may actually appear different on camera. According to Science Daily, our left side tends to be our most ‘pleasant looking’ side. This may be because we usually show more emotion on the left hand side of our face.


Start Liking Your Images!

There is a perception that Photoshopping images is somehow ‘cheating’ when it comes to showing the world your true face. For some people, it is important to appear ‘natural’ at all times but as we have discussed above, what you deem to be natural is likely to be very different to the reality.

Certainly, taking images and retouching them within an inch of their life is completely wrong and to be honest, it makes the subject of the pictures look more like mannequins than real people.

One of the great things about PinkMirror is its ability to alter your images to make you look far more photogenic but the end result is still a realistic portrait of you; it’s just the best possible representation of you and that’s hardly a bad thing in an image-focused world.

A Different Face May Be Your ‘True’ Face

In the above image, the lady already has clear and smooth skin which is obvious to anyone who properly studies the photograph. However, she does have a few minor flaws which have become exaggerated on camera; instead of having a great picture that shows her true face, she has a flawed image which is nice but could be a lot better.

By using the Glowing Smooth Skin feature on PinkMirror, it was possible to gradually remove the offending blemishes; this ensured her skin was finally revealed to be smooth and glowing just like it really is.

Instead of accepting the fact there may be some ‘flaws’ on your skin, use PinkMirror to bring out the ‘real’ you and benefit from a natural looking image you can be proud of. You’ll also receive a lot of great feedback on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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