Face Reshaping Photo Retouching

Reshape Your Face To Perfection With Photo Retouching

Face Slimming

The face slimming feature helps you to alter the proportions of the face that you want to enhance by trimmed look. Reducing the excess area on cheeks will make the face slimmer, better and sharper. When it comes to faces, slimmer is better. Read More ..

Wider Eyes

Bigger eyes on an image increases the cuteness of the face, and they will make the face appear as those of an innocent child. Eyes are the most important parts of your face, and making them more captivating will improve the quality of your photo in all dimensions. This feature enables you to enlarge the size of your eyes. Read More ..

Nose Shaping

The nose is an outstanding part of any facial photo, and a properly shaped nose will make a typical photo much better. Make the nose width smaller – Have you ever felt that your nose appeared bigger in images than it actually is? If this is your case, then you can now take advantage of this winning feature. Decrease the width of the nose – The pinkmirror interface will enable you to significantly decrease the width of your nose for an improved elegance of face. Read More ..

Pouting Lips

Pouting Lips

chin lifting

Chin Lifting

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