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How to have attractive pouting lips in your photos?

Are you self-conscious about your lips? Do they almost disappear when you smile? Are they thinner now than they were when you were younger? Are you concerned they affect how people see you? As mentioned in a previous blog post, the shape of your lips is very important and can say a lot about you. We have also mentioned before that the lips are one of the first features men notice when attracted to a woman, and that changes in lip color in primates signal arousal.  There is no doubt, then, that full, pouting lips are sexy, but not everybody was born with them.

There are many things you can do if your lips are not the shape or size you want, ranging from collagen injections to great make up techniques. PinkMirror is also a great resource, with the lip plumper and lip makeup tools. In this post, we will show you how to use these tools, and also cover a simple technique to do something similar in Photoshop.

Pouting Lips: Changing Size and Shape

It is easy to resize and reshape lips in a photo in Pink Mirror. Once you have uploaded the photo, verified alignment, and chosen gender, just click on the “Tweak your photo” tab and click the Pouting Lips button. You can change the size and shape to something poutier, simply by choosing the amount of pout you want. In the screenshot below, we have her pout set to MAX because, as it says in the box below, fuller lips look more feminine and attractive.  The great thing about using this and any other tool is you will not have to worry about going overboard; even if you set it to MAX, your lips won’t look so big that they do not match the rest of your face!

pouting lips option

With adjustments to the lip tool, the difference is striking. Notice the before and after photos below.  The lips are thinner and almost washed out before, whereas they are plump, vibrant looking, and possibly the first thing noticed when looking at her face. They are the perfect lure, as promised!



Simple Tweaks in Photoshop

Although still more difficult than PinkMirror, there are a few simple things you can do in Photoshop to resize and reshape lips.

Click on the eye dropper tool on the toolbar (left side of the screen). Move the cursor to the part of the lip you want to enhance and click. (See screenshot below).

photoshop edit

photoshop edit

Then click on the brush tool (two down from the eye dropper) and right click so that you get a menu that includes the pencil. Click on the pencil and carefully, trace over the outside of the area of the lips you want to enhance like you would with lip liner or a darker lipstick. If you make a mistake, hit Control+Alt+Z to undo and try again. Be sure your mouse is on a flat surface to keep your lines steady. When you are done, change back to the brush tool and carefully fill in any gaps between the outline and the lip color.

If any lip color bleeds over the line, sample the surrounding skin with the eye dropper and brush the color on next to the lip line. With practice this will eventually feel a lot like putting on lip color while doing your makeup. See the finished screenshot above. Notice the difference in thickness for the top lip on her left side. If we wanted to add more thickness, we would trace another line with the pencil and fill in with the brush. There are other ways in Photoshop to create this effect—masking, layers, etc.—but this is the least complicated way without having to become an expert in Photoshop.

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