Photo Uploading Interface

Step1: Browse your image.

You will want to consider couple of things before uploading your photos on pinkmirror interface. First, go to the “Upload Photo” section and click on the provided “Browse” button. You will want to select your particular photo from the specific disk(s) that you will want to retouch. Upload your chosen photo with special attention to your face. Again, ensure that your face is directly facing the eye of the camera, not away from it. For the best outcome, you will want to ensure that the resolution of your image is at least 500 by 500 pixels and most important, look straight at the camera.

Step2: Rotate the Image.

This step will help you to roatate the the uploaded photo. If the image is rotate to the left side or right side, face detection will fail. Roate the photo if needed, so that the face is up straight in the photo. Click next to proceed.

Step3: Place the points.

Align the points the feature of the face. Alignment is the key when enhancing photos in the pinkmirror interface. If you have aligned the points correctly, you will get excellent results. In this sample image below, you can see the points well aligned. Have the alignment focusing on the most significant points of the facial features of the image - the mouth, eyes, nose and even eyebrows.

Step4: Select your gender.

The next step in uploading your photo on the pinkmirror Interface is to select your gender. This is an important step if you are to have the best results since the site provides completely different features for different genders. You will want to select the gender of the individual in the photograph by simply clicking on the Male/Female icon provided in the panel below. Why is it so important to select the gender of the face that you will want to enhance? Because you will not want the face that you have chosen to be enhanced with features engineered for the other gender. Features meant for male photos enhancements are only suitable for that gender and this applies for female pictures’ enhancement features as well. Kindly remember to specify the gender of the person in the photo for best results.

Step5: Processing.

Wait for few minutes so that pinkmirror can make you pretty. If your image was properly aligned and retouched, then you can be sure that the processed photo will be of the highest quality possible. Processing will make your photo prettier and more appealing.

Step6: Results after Photo retouching.

This is the last step of your photo uploading on the pinkmirror interface, and certainly the one that will clearly give you the difference between the first “raw” image and the final finished and retouched image. If you will have successfully undergone the first five steps, then you will certainly realize a lot of difference even with a single look. The final image will be clearer in alignment with no scars whatsoever. It will have enhanced facial features. To compare the initial and the final image, all you will have to do is to drag the flashing drag-arrows to make easily comparison between the before and after image. Depending on the way that you will want your after image to look like, you will have the liberty of altering the size from the actual size to Best Fit by using the “Resize” options provided.