About Us

PinkMirror is a self-improvement web app that provides consultation on facial aesthetics powered by artificial intelligence.

Our customers are curious to understand different aspects of their beauty and how they can improve their attractiveness. It’s okay to have questions about your physical appearance. If you ever wondered what makes you attractive or repulsive, PinkMirror has the answers. We at PinkMirror are on a mission to give you the fastest, easiest, and most detailed facial analysis report available anywhere.

For someone who is not trained in facial aesthetics, it will be complex to understand the science behind beauty, and it is hard to break it down for its individual features. And that was the problem that forced our team of beauty experts to come up with a solution. By empowering our users with the expert analysis and AI-driven tools they need to understand their facial features, we give them the freedom to access a brand-new perspective on their beauty. Certain dimensions and ratios create harmony among facial features, which decide attractiveness. After all, appearances are everything in today's world.

We’re a skilled team of passionate individuals who have been actively growing PinkMirror since 2009. At PinkMirror, we have spent over a decade understanding human beauty and finding ways to improve attractiveness. After years of testing, we created a product that automatically analyses the face and gives a detailed breakup of each facial feature for its impact on your beauty. We’re committed to keeping our analysis up-to-date with the latest science-backed studies and ever-changing nuances of beauty, ensuring that our reports are always accurate and reflect the most cutting-edge trends.

PinkMirror is an innovative self-improvement app designed to help you become your most attractive, confident self. Its user-friendly mechanics make understanding your beauty a breeze, allowing you to take more control of your looks and, by extension, your quality of life. The face analyzing app breaks down and sizes up the dimensions of each facial feature so that you can pinpoint your most attractive physical assets and identify areas that might need to be improved.

Whether you want to awaken to unique features you never knew you had or identify areas for self-improvement, PinkMirror exists to support you as you gain a new understanding of yourself, embrace your unique qualities, and take the next bold step on your beauty journey. Try the PinkMirror today and begin embracing the beauty within. All it takes is one click to upload your selfies, and an in-depth view of your appearance is unlocked.

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The logo is inspired by two elements. A Flower and the Neural Network. The flower stands for delicate care provided for the customer and the neural network stands for cutting-edge technology that enables this delicate care.