About Us

If you think you are not photogenic, you're about to be pleasantly surprised. The science behind a beautiful picture is actually quite simple. At PinkMirror, we are trained in understanding human beauty and finding ways to improve yours. After all, appearances are everything in today's world.

Pictures are one of the most lasting memories of you that people can have, so it is understandable that you want to look your best. However, those pesky everyday flaws that everyone experiences can sometimes be magnified in photos. The last thing you want is for your unsightly blemishes and wrinkles to be permanently etched in people's minds.

At PinkMirror, we strive to make you look as beautiful as possible while still looking like yourself. It's you, only better. We can quickly remove imperfections and give your face a subtle reshaping to give you the stunning look you desire. We think you'll be pleased with our work, but we are happy to tweak the touch-ups until you are completely satisfied with the final result.

PinkMirror helps you effortlessly look beautiful in all of your photos.

You can forget about having to download photo editing software, spend 15+ minutes of your time editing a single photo, or feel stressed while trying to make yourself look better in portraits. With PinkMirror, you’ll never have to experience these problems again. Now, you can access PinkMirror in any ordinary web browser (on desktop or mobile), upload a photo, and have your portrait enhanced in seconds. PinkMirror does all of the work for you, and automatically provides you with a high-quality, better-looking image of yourself. Best of all, you can use PinkMirror as often as you like, for all of your photographs.

You're about to find out just how photogenic you really are. Sit back, relax, and let us transform your portrait from average to extraordinary. It's time to put your best face forward!

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Version Updates

Version 7. Face Analysis.

Due to customer demand, Pinkmirror increased the emphasis on Face Analysis.

- Released on: May-2022

Version 5. Mobile app

PinkMirror can be used from Mobile phones as well as Desktops.

- Released on: July-2015



The logo is inspired by two elements. A Flower and the Neural Network. The flower stands for delicate care provided for the customer and the neural network stands for cutting-edge technology that enables this delicate care.