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How It Works?

PinkMirror is Do-It-Yourself app. The Face Analysis Report generation is very simple, with just three steps.

Step 1. Add a Photo

Select a frontal photo with good lighting and upload it to PinkMirror for analysis. There should be only one person in the photo.

Step 2. Evaluate Your Face Structure

PinkMirror's face analyser that consist of statistical models and machine learning models will analyse the photos for your bone structure and skin and golden proportions.

Step 3. View Your Report Instantly

You will get the report in a moments time with valuable insights. It will educate you on what matters most for improving your attractiveness and recommended makeover tips.

Features PinkMirror packed for you.

What is your Face Shape? Find the accurate answer instantly

There are a few basic face shapes that cover all the 7 billion faces on this planet. Knowing your face shape will allow you to make better cosmetic and enhancement decisions about your outlook where it is concerned. The following face shapes describe the wide variety of facial structures among people: Round, Square, Oblong, Heart, Diamond, Triangle, Rectangle, Pear, and Oval.

Analysis for Face Attractiveness: What Are the Scoring Ranges and Factors?

To determine the Face Attractiveness Score, PinkMirror analyzes the geometric proportions of facial features such as the eyes, nose, lips, etc., and the distance between those. When the face analysis is finished, you are able to see which features of your face determine your beauty score.

16 Easy Photo Retouching Features That Make You Look Your Best In Just Seconds

Embarrassed by blackheads, dark marks, freckles, age spots or scars? Don’t stress. PinkMirror automatically transforms your skin in photos, and makes it look soft, smooth and glowing. Best of all, PinkMirror instantly covers up skin spots for you, regardless of the skin type.

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I found PinkMirror through a graphic design forum. At first, my expectations were low, because most photo enhancement tools are too complicated to use. But after using PinkMirror, I was SO HAPPY with how I looked in my picture. And it was so easy to use! Thank you PinkMirror!

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Finally found a website that can instantly edit my photos for a reasonable price, and do a good job.

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Needed my photo edited to look more professional for a company portrait. I was expecting maybe a small enhancement, but PinkMirror seriously impressed me with quick and natural results.

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I wanted to edit some face shots to thin out my face. I was honestly expecting a photo editing service like most others, which makes you work hard to get good results. But, PinkMirror did all of the hard work for me, and delivered amazing photographs that made me look at least 20 lbs lighter. Now, all of my friends comment on my photos on social media, and tell me how great I look! If only they knew that PinkMirror is my secret weapon…

Alexandria Clark United States.

Got the auto photo touch up I wanted. So much easier than doing it yourself in Photoshop.

Caitlin Walsh United Kingdom

I desperately needed to touch up one of my photos. Let’s just say that after trying a bunch of photo editing services - PinkMirror delivered the easiest and highest-quality results.

Kaley Smith United States.