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This page contains frequently asked questions and information. We hope it will help you get the most out of Pinkmirror.

  • Step 1: Browse your photo to upload.

1. How to save the image?
2. Can I get the photo in high resolution?
3. Do I have to install any software?
4. Can I retouch Two faces in one picture?
5. Why “face lift” is disabled?
6. How can I make payment?
7. What is the difference between web quality and print quality photos?
8. Can I have a trial before purchase?

1. How to save the image?

It is easy to save the photo. You can either post your photo to facebook or download directly into your harddisk. Posting to facebook is totally free. Once you retouched your photo, kindly scroll down to the bottom of the page where you can see the button “Post to Facebook” as shown in the picture below. Kindly click on the button and give necessary permissions to the facebook to post onto your wall.

For downloading to your harddisk or PC, you have to use premium points.

2. Can I get the photo in high resolution?

For downloading high resolution photo to your harddisk or PC, you should have premium points.

3. Do I have to install any software?

No. The only thing you need is a web-browser and your portrait photos. You won’t even have to download anything. Every thing is handled directly on our servers.

4. Can I retouch Two faces in one picture?

You have to retouch one face at a time. If you have to retouch two faces, retouch the first face and download the resulted photo. Then upload the photo again to retouch the second face. We understood it is not very easy to do this. In near future we will update db_users to support this.

5. Why “face lift” is disabled?

Kindly make sure you are looking straight into the camera.

6. How can I make payment?

You can make payment using any credit card with VISA/MASTER affiliation. All the payment is through the popular payment portal PAYPAL. However you cannot make direct cash payment.

7. What is the difference between web quality and print quality photos?

Web resolution is a maximum of 800×800 pixels, Print resolution is 1600×1600 and Full resolution is 3200×3200. Web resolution is good enough to create a profile photo for your id, facebook, etc and also is the cheapest option among all. For printing a 8×5 photo by yourself, web resolution is not sufficient. You need to go for Print resolution or Full resolution.

8. Can I have a trial before purchase?

Yes. You can always download retouched portrait in free mode. After retouching, please click on the “Free Download” button to start your free download.

If you also would like to have a free Premium Version, that is easy. You can find how to do it in the “Free Download” page.

You can see “Add to Facebook” Button to share your pretty photo with your friends.

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Why is nothing working? Nothing. Hasn’t been for days. I understand maintenance every now and then. But if its not broke then don’t fix it.

I uploaded a photo of two people. The faces were close together and both looking directly into the camera. IT keeps detecting only one face. I tried flipping the picture to see if that would work–and it still only detects the one face. BOTH are looking right into the camera. Its a perfect picture–not far away, both subjects in the eye of the camera. I just don’t get it. Is it a hit or miss, or what? I love this program, but this isn’t the first time I have had issues with trying to edit two people in one photo. Thanks in advance for responding.

Hi, are there any limitations to what I can do with a photo that was enhanced on your site? Can I use it on my own website, or that of my employer? Thanks.

I tried to retouch 2 faces in one photo. I retouch one and reload again to retouch the other but it keeps retouching the same face

I tried to retouch 2 faces in one photo. I retouch one and reload again to retouch the other but it keeps retouching the same photo.

How do I delete a comment I’ve made? I posted a picture which I didn’t mean to post and now I really want to delete it please help!!!

I used to have your one year subscription and it was under $50. Now, I’m only seeing that you will charge $9.97 a month? Seriously? More than double the price now? And no option for one year? Otherwise what do it in one-month at a time increments, after one month, I have to re-up again? I would not want an auto renew if that’s the case because I don’t use this program on a regular basis. Thank you.

Hi Pink Mirror!

I recently signed up and when I went to the “My Account” section of the website today, I can’t find my subscription information (renewal date or the credit card I used).

Is there a place on the site where that information is stored?


I just purchased the basic program and went in to edit a photo- it’s coming out with a ‘after’ marked on it and I can’t see how to download. This isn’t what I wanted. I want to edit a photo without after marked on it and I want to download it. How do I make this happen?

Kindly login into with your login credentials before retouching. Please check your email for login credentials.

Can you tell me how to shorten a face? It comes up elongated when I’m done editing.
Love your program – thank you!

Dear all,
I think that PinkMirror is a great tool and I would like to embed it into a professional website.
Is it an opportunity you have ever evaluated?
Please contact me to see how, unbranded or “powered by”, with limited access to the Face Slimming option.
With my best regards,
Ettore Iannella

Dear Maria, those options are still available. But you need to upload photo that looks straight into camera. If the face is rotated, those options will not be available.

Why can’t I download the photos WITHOUT the Pink Mirror logo on them? I see a button I can click – but it doesn’t work – even though I’m always in “Premium” mode.

I used to be able to click multiple tweaks and then click to apply all at once. The screens have changed and now it updates every time I click a tweak. How do I get it to update only after I have made all my selections.

Hi, my original photo size is 5MB. If we purchase the premium version, what size post-edit photo will be downloaded from your site? Will it still retain the high quality? Please let me know so that I may purchase it 🙂 thank you!

Dear sir or madam,

A few days ago, the site stopped sending my photos to my email address, for some reason, and I would like to get them again, since you do not provide a “Before” copy for download, in my album. Thank you.

Jennifer Reeser

Dear Jennifer Reeser,
In the Album, you have option to send your retouched photos as attachment with Email. Both before-image and after-image will be send as attachment with it.
Best Regards.

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