Golden Proportion

The Beauty Scale

Score – [0.0 ~ 3.9]

Very unattractive face

May not be human or coordinates are placed very wrongly

Score – [4.0 ~ 4.9]

Very unattractive face

Score – [5.0 ~ 5.9]

Unattractive face

Score – [6.0 ~ 6.9]

Average face

Score – [7.0 ~ 7.9]

Attractive face

Score – [8.0 ~ 8.9]

Very Attractive face

Score – [9.0 ~ 10]


Maybe you are super beautiful or your photo is already retouched.

25 replies on “The Beauty Scale”

Scientifically it would be: The proportion of your nose width, lips are near perfect! Your chin is a good feature! 7.8
But in my opinion: you’re so cute and pretty and you look so sweet I can’t rate you it just doesn’t seem right. Beauty is not based on scores. But if you really want to know my score, I give 9.87

Way over 4. From a USA perspective you’re at least over 6. You already know you’re beautiful and just wanted someone to confirm it, right?

I see you used an app to have adjustments. Try with a normal camera later, but yes you aren’t ugly for Korean standard beauty

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