Makeup Tips To Slim A Wide Nose

We often do not feel happy with the way we look. Sometimes we wish my eyes would have been a bit larger, the lips would have been fuller or the nose would have been slimmer. Now, there are plenty of makeup techniques that can help you to get temporary touch ups and come up with an exciting look. Here we will discuss about some useful make up tips to slim a wide nose.  This is very handy and convenient that you do not have to spend money on cosmetic surgery, but just a few touches of makeup. It also does not take much longer, only five minutes are enough.

Keep the makeup kit ready as we are going to provide some tips that you can easily do at your home. You must have a thin brush to apply eye shadow. Get that brush and to apply color on the nose bridges. Make sure the color shade is two or three tones darker than your skin tone. It is important that you choose darker color because lighter shades are not properly visible. Now, you have to apply the color defining two lines on the nose bridge. It will look odd, but do not worry, as we are not over with it.

After this, you have to get a blending brush that soften the line and further add some bronzer to make the line a bit feathered out. Next thing that you have to do is apply powder dust, this will smoothen the nose line and also define it beautifully. If you have highlighter, then apply it near the tip of the nose and that’s it. This is how simply you can slim a wide nose.

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