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Analysis for Face Attractiveness

Analysis for Face Attractiveness: What Are the Scoring Ranges and Factors?

Certain Dimensions And Ratios Create Harmony In The Face Attractiveness Features!

To determine the Face Attractiveness Score, PinkMirror looks into geometric proportions of facial features such as the eyes, nose, lips, etc. and the distance between those. When the face analysis is finished, you are able to see which features of your face determine your beauty score.

Beauty is in the balance of these face analysis features which artists from NeoClassical era called the Aesthetic principles. These aesthetic-principles are analyzed from the portraits and they are then drawn and extracted into two generic rules. The ‘Rule of Fifths’ and the ‘Rule of Thirds’.

Rule Of Fifths

A proportionate face may be divided vertically into fifths with each of those fifths being approximately the width of one eye. Aesthetic balance is considered ideal when the facial features fall within these parameters. The width of the base of the nose is approximately equal to the distance between the eyes.
Face proportions Rule of fifth

Rule of Thirds

Face proportions Rule of third
Leonardo da Vinci, that all-around genius of science and art, developed a formula for determining a well-balanced face. He found that a well-balanced face can be evenly divided into thirds, vertically. The top third is from your hairline to the top of your brows. The middle third is from the top of the brows to the bottom of your nose . The bottom third is from the bottom of your nose to your chin.

The Rule-of-Fifths and Rule-of-Thirds are more apt for females. For the males, there are some minor deviations because the facial symmetry is different but it is still mostly the same.

Face-Attractiveness-Analyzer finds the most beautiful celebrities.

World Top 5 Beautiful Celebrities

What is your Beauty Score? Find it here

The Angle of the Face and Score Variations

The variation of the face score generally has to do with the angle at which the photo is taken and the pose of the face. Uploading the portrait photo with the person looking straight into the camera is necessary because the calculations need to be accurate. The Rule-of-fifth and Rule-of-third is formulated based on looking straight onto the face so keep that in mind during the uploading phase.

Important Notice:

Please note that the face attractiveness score system with PinkMirror has limitations so it is not final. Beauty is the proportion of the whole face, rather than just with the individual features so please use these values only for fun.

The Beauty Scale

Score – [0 ~ 1]

Image Courtesy

With this face analysis score, the results may determine a very unattractive face because there is hardly any symmetry with the features. It also may be because the face detection had gone wrong.

Score – [1 ~ 10]

Image Courtesy

With this face analysis score, the results determine an unattractive face because the symmetry is not inline and the proportions are not great.

Score – [10 ~ 70]

Image Courtesy

With this face analysis score, the results determine an average face because the facial symmetry is almost there. This group is the general population.

Score – [70 ~ 99]

Image Courtesy

With this face analysis score, the results may determine a very beautiful and attractive face because the symmetry is close to perfect.

Score – [99.0 ~ 100]

Image Courtesy

With this face analysis score, the results are unrealistic because you may be super beautiful or your photo is already retouched.

External links on Face Analysis:

Why are some faces worthy of a second look?


What gives a person face attractiveness? Most people determine quickly whether they think someone is attractive and if you do, you still might struggle to explain why you feel that way. In fact, many people find it hard to define what they consider beautiful. Individual preferences regarding things like hairstyle and eye color vary. This means beauty trends change over the years so the version of beauty may change as well. Finally, there is still one common thread underlying nearly every idea of attractiveness. It actually comes down to one very simple concept and that is the golden proportions and facial symmetry. Due to all the different facial symmetry types, it is best to have a great scoring range such as this one.

Read more: What makes a person attractive?

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887 thoughts on “Analysis for Face Attractiveness: What Are the Scoring Ranges and Factors?”

  • Attachment

    Hi guys! I honestly I believe we all have insecurities especially this year its hitting everyone seems like. My insecurity is my nose ive always wanted to get my nostrils more pulled in just a little though. My nose flares when I smile.

  • Attachment

    I’d really like to know what you girls think

  • Attachment

    Here’s another pic. Don’t sugarcoat it, just let me have it.

  • An 8 or above
    Without an hat,it would have been easy for me to rate

  • Attachment

    Just last Qustion nithin tell me about my facial features honest what do you think its good and what is bad waiting you dude

  • and do you think in this photo i have a resemblance with white shirt guy that i uploaded his photo

  • Yes leyo
    Whatever I spoke
    I spoke honestly regarding u and that white guy

  • Regarding your facial features,its good re not bad at all. And look u don’t have to doubt and stress so much.I know u came here after what dew had spoke.
    He also rated me 4.5 to 5.Is my this photo so bad can u rate it .I know this was during lockdown so could not get a haircut .

  • Dude you look very good in this photo your hair is good dude you look nice 7.5_8\10 just shave dude your styel is really good by the way

  • What makes me gonna lose my mind dude is how much contradiction is people dude, i learned some things about theory of attraction the most handsome men should have this features 1.hooded eyes, 2.wide of nose should be 1\5 of face and eye width should be the same, 3.the tall of forhead, and frome eye brows to bottom of nose, and frome bottom of nose to the chin should be the same, hight cheekbons, wide square jawline, mediam lips, thick eye brows, and full head of hair, good skin, and dont have weight on your cheeks to and neck to make your jawline apear not like me that all of this things make a man look like models, all of this things about a perfect face to male, this site dont analysing any of this things the just have most of the people the same rate and this sitr looking for photo quality.

  • Oh my so less Haha
    I had uploaded couple of pics but this was the lowest I got from someone
    Ok anyways thanks dew

  • Attachment

    This is my another pic guys,during the lockdown.
    Do rate me from 1-10

  • Gerome my one picture is just below the pic u had posted last time
    Rate that

  • Attachment

    You looks better in this pic good look dude and i have a question do you what do you think am i look like this man and how i can look same with him

  • Attachment

    Compare with this pic

  • Attachment

    Maybe this photo of him is good to compare (am i look like him) waiting you to answer please.

  • Leyo u look a lot like that white tshirt guy.
    Don’t do any surgery it’s a rubbish,if it only demotivates you then only.
    If u lose weight and build muscles you can look 75-80 percent of that guy

  • Leyo u can be a lot like that white tshirt guy
    Good photo selection

  • Attachment

    Your face shape is like him but your facial texture is far far different from him I can say I look like any super model you don’t look like him your face shape looks a bit.

  • Dude im sorry we both have the same face shape, same eyes, same eyebrows, sam ears, sam forhead, near lips,minus the hair color and eye color can you tell me honest what i have to change to be like him talking to you dew

  • Hammad, elle, nithin telling me that im look like him, and alot of my friends, i know im not in his handsome level because he have a good skin, nice(perfect body) and dont have wieght on his cheeks that makes his jawline strong, you are telling me now im far of look like him??????????,i asked alot of people her about if i have unattractive facial features marco R tell me all is fine just my cheeks and phoebe and shurti sorry dude i dont beleive

  • Now rate me and tell me why

  • Hi,nithin I asked you a question do I have a resemblance with hrithik roshan or sidharth malhoyra waiting………In this pic you look better than previous one.

  • Thanks bro
    But hrithik has strong beard resemblance than siddhart and also sharp eyes than siddhart
    Probably u look a lot different than those two
    But if you mean me telling u what u look compared to both
    U resemble Siddhart like few percentage

  • Umm! was expecting a straight sidharth from you doesn’t matter your mind your comment.Just a last question from you Nithin I know it feels awkward but Am I handsome enough to get an English girlfriend.If you feel not tell me the reason.Thnx for above comment Bro.Waiting…………………

  • Attachment

    A straight siddhart u said right ?
    A straight in other words mean at least 95-100 lookalike

    If u have a physic like him
    U can upload
    If you’ll do match,no doubt i will give u a straight siddhart credit u meant from me

  • Regarding English gf, any english girl will give u the right answer
    Because I do not know the beauty standards they like ?
    It is diff from person to person and places as well.
    So simple answer ask from those girls you will get a genuine answer then those boys
    Hope u get me..

  • Reply was from me
    Sorry for that typing mistake

  • Yeah all about physique just some gym I can easily get body like him because I already have a smart fig.I’ve asked an English girl she said yes but she always gave everyone a positive comment even for a ugly guy.Thats why didn’t take it serious.What do you think.Thanks bro for above comment.

  • U r handsome bro
    U can get an eng gf
    Now stop asking everyone
    AnD be confident buddy

  • That was me hammad
    **** my auto dictionary keyboard

  • You look around 7 but you really should remove the hand. And do rate me too

  • Ash there’s another pic just above the one u saw
    Rate that buddy

  • You look good bro 8\10 handsome!

  • Thanke you dude yeah i have to lose wieght and i know why im not 100%this guy he called mathew noska the cause is(hair color, eye color, and his skin is more good) thanke you bro.

  • Yeah bro i have to lose wieght, for sure im not 100%like this guy he called mathew noscka because i have (brown hair, light brown eyes, and his skin is lighter) thanke you bro

  • Leyo
    Bro the pic that’s above your comment
    Tell me how I look in that?
    There’s another image at the top of the comment section.

  • In this pic u look a lot better bro.
    Great strong jawline
    I will give u a 8/10
    Do rate my pic…

  • Can any one tell me the truth please i cant under stand that some people gives me 3,4,5and others give me 6, 6.5,7,7.5 and others give me 8,8.6,9 can any one tell me (do i have ugly features) or i just have to lose wieght and go to gym

  • I think you look good in general, but your cheeks are big, some people don’t find it attractive, I think they look good on you. ^^

  • Ok what do you think about other features (good or not)

  • The size of your mouth, nose and eyes are fine, you worry a lot, if you want a rating; 7.8 / 10 (if you are tall change it for 8.3/10)

  • and please tell me what i have to improve to be good looking or handsome gym to lose cheeks fat or plastic surgery

  • So what do you think i have to change by surgery the last question

  • just your cheeksss, the rest is fine, and a beard would look great on you 😉

  • Thanke you dude by the way my tall is 177cm thanke you so much for feedback

  • Attachment

    I don’t know why you all are ignoring that hot boy.I was rated 9.I’m rating you all. Marco8/10, Andy go to Hollywood 8.9/10 Rithik 6/10, Sofia 8.5, Juan8, Myrtille 7/10, Leyo 6.5, Nithin 7/10, Shayan6.4,Emma 8.9, Rana 9,Ellie and Evie are they sisters 8 or 8.5,Pia 9,Tatiana above 10 if you are really like that.Gerome can’t understand your gender.please rate that rating beggar.

  • Dude i know this guy he is ommar borkan he is a super model frome emarates for sure 9.5 to him can you tell me please what i have to change to be 8 and why im 6.5 tell me what i have improve please thanke you

  • Leyo You are absolutely right he is omar my crush and i’m following him.But bro seriously you,ll not believe I edited my photo a little bit to look same.My both pics omar one and one in black shirt were given a score of 50 which is ridiculous.we both have same face shape.Face angle.I was just comparing my rough pic with a bit edited.I was surprised only nithin rated that edited one .I don’t know why Elle rated sky 8 and my super omarish pic 8.leave it just a fat removing surgery bro you are on the line.rate my rough pic below.Tanmay if you’ll ever comment me like that you’ll be a son of a bitch and slut.I’ve not uploaded my real pics in my phone.My phone was robbed.I couldn’t buy new one due to lock down.Last thing whenever taking a pic just a bit smile Leyo.

  • Calm down in other side i upload pic of the most handsome model and other people rates him look to that (2,3,4,5,7,9,10) i dont know why really and other average looking guy (5,7,9) so dont take other people opinion as a truth they are laying so much i know im fat and i have big cheeks because my fat dont worry dude you are good looking i really cant imagen how people think. I think if you want to know how hot are you use science, i will upload the picture of the model

  • Attachment

    Sorry leyo, for that mix comment typing speed so fast some consider me more than omrish pic.just laying so much.Omar is more handsome than Gordan.He looks like a serial killer.You can never be like him.Just loose some fat.You said science any scientific website related to that stuff.Pink mirr is fake rating omar’s real photo48.34 less than me.Last question am I enough handsome to make an English girl friend.Really wanna follow someone follow that super model.

  • Attachment

    Look to him, he is super model called gordan Bratt

  • Attachment

    Sorry leyo,I don’t like him.Believe me he’s gonna be hated if i’ll send this pic to my friends.Mine one name is Imran abbas pakisani super model.He is far far more handsome than that idiot.[1million] times.

  • You think he is hot some people rated him in other side when i upload his picture 3 can you understand that a model rated 3

  • For sure ommar 9.6 and you are 8 or ommar 96\100 and you are 80\100 in my opinion you are handsome, and he is supper handsome that is the truth

  • Attachment

    In my whole life never saw anyone more handsome than him.

  • Do you think if i lose weight i can be even like gordan and what i have to change to be like him.

  • Attachment

    I think this picture is good

  • You didn’t answer my question. Am I enough handsome to make an English girl friend.Just asking about yourself and no comment on Imran abbas.Things don’t work like that bro.

  • OMG,breaking news an ugly boy comparing himself with super hot model.

  • you are an average looking guy and can never be like him.

  • I know that im average looking but what do you think i have to change by surgery to be like him, i dont comparing my self with him now i just asked what i can do to be near to to his look

  • I’m a regular viewer of this portal I’ve never commented here I don’t know why is he comparing himself to a model.What a nonsense.he doesn’t have any inch of resemblance with the above all models.

  • You are a dumbass,nonsense and less than 1 out a 10.

  • He is telling someone that you can make an English girlfriend.Stupid boy.

  • Hey Sam, Don’t you ever interfere in our discussion.

  • Ummmm! Bro what should I say you are very different from that model.This requires a whole facial surgery,fat removing surgery,Eye widening surgery,Have to grow your hair and if its rough or curly again keratin treatment for making it silky. This and that.requires a lot of work.And who knows it will give positive results.For all that stuff you need tones of money and a yes from your parents.My nose is long and beautiful but its upper bone has a bit hood.The upper bone just needs to be straighten.My relative had that surgery and it costed 3000 pounds and its not too complex surgery taking too much for a simple surgery.My mum, said she will take me to Scotland for that surgery.Thanks to my dad he is a rich millionaire businessman.I also have enough money for keratin treatment..1million rupees in my own account. I just need that 2 to 3 things to be super handsome like omar borkan.Bro at last if you have much money and you wanna be like him go for these surgeries.I’ll say that stay natural you’ll have to change your entire face and too much time money.I have a simple case.Answer me do I look like omar borkan and can be a model be honest.[just remove some fat from your face you’ll be better bro].

  • For sure you can get english girl friend its very easy and you are handsome enough to get any girl you want and many english girls like (arabian look) like zain malek can you answer my question please

  • Sam I didnt asked you keep your opinion to your self

  • Sam is the most stubied guy i had ever seen in my life for sure your iQ below 0.0 i told to your very stubied brain im Not look like a model, i told your fucking stubied idiot brain what surgerys i have to do to be near to him do you under stand now, and again in other side i upload this model photo some one rated him 5 and rated me 5 and rated a average looking guy 7.

  • you are very ugly fat face like a melon.Can never ever be like that model.Believe me.

  • Attachment

    I think this photo is good to compare its with photoshop

  • I dont think its that hard to under stand i talk about surgery like (nasal surgery, eyes surgery, cheeks surgery, chin surgery, evry thinge surgery) to be handsome i didnt say that im handsome but i saied how i can be handsome with 1,2,3or4 surgery to be handsome i thinke its not very hard for your tiny stubied brain sam

  • Attachment

    Yes with some surgery you can kinda look like omar, can you tell me is that man look like me and can i whith some surgerys be same look,and same can you just close your fucking mouth and but a shit on your head fucker i dont need your fucking opinion.

  • Attachment

    Compare with this photo

  • Attachment

    and you know what when you say this man is a model they will say he is handsome but if you didnt tell them that he is model they will say average like this model i think he is very average looking lookl

  • I’ll ripe off your over size head bloody baster and will give it in your swollen ass.last night we were on that portal my friends rated you 2/10.(Asshole).

  • In my opinion you look like a model in this picture just lose wieght

  • Attachment

    Gordan bratt have a narrow eyes but its beautiful but this is some proves dude

  • Attachment

    To be honest with you man im disagree with you about your rating, you rated myrtille 7\10 and nithin 7\10 never could be dude myrtille looks like arthur Gosse look

  • Attachment

    Or this photo dude with some photoshop surgeons

  • Attachment

    Yeah, you have resemblance with that model.And why you are disagreeing me on rating myrtille and nithin they are absolutely 7.I already look like omar I’ve told you we both got 50,50 you are saying that with some surgeries you could be like him.Same facial features.Dude I’m a supporter of racism I hate that guy. very are better than him.What about me.What about that guy.

  • You can be look like him by smaller nose surgry and biger plump lips surgery, and make your grow your hair an make it silky, and get nice beard style, and a skin care or skin surgery, and that will take alot of money, about that guy i think he is getting nervos because i told him that i dont need to know his opinion, and he thought im comparing mysilfe with all of the models you sent, leave him a if he comparing his iQ with monkey the monkey will be ainshtin to his brain, and imagen that with me bro gordan bratt have very wide face with big cheeks pons and a narrow eyes if we make him fat and have a curly hair, and some acne or bad skin he will be from 9.5 to 7 or 6 do you agree

  • Who you r talking to and calling monkey IQ.I don’t wanna be like him.I always ask could I be a beautiful model like him but you don’t like him no problem your mind I respect your comment.not like you asking to be 100% gordan.He(Jubin) has used to many filters.I know at which beauty level he is standing.I’ve never compared yourself with posted your fuckin gordan and were saying the most handsome model.I searched on him and couldn’t find him on google.Trust me.You mean to say that tom cruise Ronaldo they had some surgeries.Bro this website page should not be given a name of pink mirror it should be sink mirror.sinking in last comment everyone except us has left the page give me answer me or Jubin.I agree on your comment sorry for any bad words.

  • Your resemblance not with Jubin with the upper you’ve posted.can I be a handsome super model.

  • Attachment

    Yes you can and now do you think im look like this man

  • Monky iQ i was mean (sam) dont worry

  • Can you tell me what i have to do to be the same look with him like i told you

  • Attachment

    What do you think dude tha last question so you think am i as good looking as this man he is a model called luka sabbat.

  • Attachment

    He is a bad loosing fat you are better than him.what about me.we expest a perfection from a model and if we see any imperfection we rate him bad.In this case too many things wrong in him.What about him.

  • And last qustion do you think i could be 7 or more if i just lose wieght

  • Easily bro why not just loose some weight you can be 8 and above.

  • I told you bro he is not good looking there are many of models are not good looking people think that any model should be perfect, just some models are perfect, but what i was want to say that is not that hard to be handsome or perfect and i sent the proves tom cruse and Ronaldo that mean with some semple surgerys you can be like them if you take that picture, tom cros and tell people that he will be a handsome actor they will say hahahaha you know any one have a already good features to perfect just good, with some surgrys he will be perfect, do you agree dude.

  • and you can be like jubin by 1.nose surgery 2.bigger or plump lips surgery, 3.make your hair silky(keratin), 4.get nice beard style like him after all of that tips you can be look like jubin and if you go to gym and make a nice good body with some muscels you will be better than him and now tell me what i have to change to be look like this man we both have same face proportion.

  • Attachment

    Yeah absolutely you both have the same face shape just a chisled jawline and some blonde hair game on bro.why the hell are you comparing me with Jubin I don’t wanna be like him and can never be.He has a small face.He is 155cm I’m 195cm.I only asked could I be amodel like him not a model like his I look like these actors answer me my friends use to say me you do.tell me who I look like the most.

  • Attachment

    or like him or omar.The man in blue shirt is sidharth malhotra with blue glasses.With black one is bilal ashraf.

  • Attachment

    You look like this man, make your hair silky it will looks better, about to be super model and to look perfect like jubin not (to have same face) do this tips that i told you, if you follow this tips you are will be more hotter than him you are taller than him its a good think and your face bigger than him its very nice big masculin face looks better than smaller face but to be honest with you you are handsome looking but not a super handsome like this supper hot models but its not hard to be like thim, that is the truth, the most man you look like is that man

  • For him i will say 8.7 and for you 8.5 just get silky hair like him

  • Yeah bro, i searched about belal ashraf and, yeah you look like bilal ashraf, both of you have same face shape and same lips and nose the diffrent betwen you and him is the eyes his eyes is smaller than yours.

  • Attachment

    He have a nose hump on his nose like you told me that you have a nose hump

  • You are intelligent in guessing he was listed at the 6th spot in handsome men of Asia search on sidharth Malhotra and tell me do I look like him last question.

  • about this man he is a super model called mathew noska and this video about how he start modeling,and i dont really want to be a model, i want to become a programmer, you know pro programmers get alot of money like pell gates and stev jobs to be honest with you if you need to be super rich you have to become a programer thanke you pro for your honest.

  • Thx for commenting.Talking to me how to be rich.As you are good in guessing guess from where I should be.My age.

  • Your age maybe 22_25, and you are frome bakistan, am i right.

  • Oh no leyo,both guesses a bit wrong I’m only 18 but I look bigger in that pic because that pic was from Ipad with no filters even not haven’t washed my face I look far better than that pic I had many best pics of mine in my phone but you know.I live in Pakistan not bakistan but i’m a british birth in Scotland.What a lovely week with you.I hope you’ll be like Mathew one day.Best of luck!Sorry for any bad words ever used in past comments.

  • Yeah bro maybe you are look bigger than your real age because you have a full beard wich is nice,i hope you get an english girlfriend good luck bro it was very useful discussion thanke you bro.

  • And for sure you look like pakistanis people,you know most of pakistanis is beautiful.

  • Sorry for my bad english

  • I don’t feel proud to be called as paksitani.Do you feel by clean shave I’ll look younger.After it never answer me if I again ask anything.Thnx for above comment.

  • For sure dude you will look younger, i have a freind when he shave he looks like baby i think beard looks better.

  • Absolutely but beard for only someone I look hot in clean shave and English girls like clean shave.Thnx bro for an honest comment.

  • Attachment

    Not done anything like this before but I am interested in how others perceive me. Appreciate the feedback

  • Attachment

    I can’t realised how unlucky i am.i am just ugliest girl in the world.i expected atleast more than 10 out of 100(the app is updated) but I got just 5 /100 this really disappointed me☹️. now I lost all my hopes.i am not making any effect to get sympathised.but I warning u that don’t try if u have low confidence happy
    Thank you for reading

  • Don’t take it serious they rated my two pics 50,50 out a hundred.You are with us.Not less than confident.

  • What?! For me you’re a solid 9/10. I think you’re stunning.

  • Attachment

    7/10. Could you please rate me? thx

  • No filters I admire are 7/10 for .you have a cute nose.By having narrow nose surgery and a bit polish you are more than 9 or a model.Rate my two ones below

  • 8.. I think you could be better with a smaller nose.

  • Attachment

    I’d give u 8/10

    Can u rate me?

  • Just fix your skin eyes is beautiful green eyes face shape is good, hair is very b hair, eyebrows very good shape and size your teath looks good just prush, i think your nose looks bigger because you are smileing some people when they smile the nose looks widder than real is it smile looks great overal rn you are 8.5 fix your skin you will be a model fore sure (great features)

  • Thanks so much Leyo! Yes, my nose gets way wider when I smile You really think I could be a model?

  • Attachment

    To be honest with you yeah you can be a model you are perfect just some acne, and you have damn pretty smile, can you tell me what i have to change to be handsome like this man

  • Sorry for bad camera tell me honest like i told you what do you think i have to change to be more handsome

  • Hey Elle, just wanna ask you some questions.Am I handsome enough to make an English girlfriend?have you ever seen an English girl having a boyfriend less handsome than me.Sorry if you mind but am I handsome enough to be your boyfriend.Have you ever had a boyfriend less handsome than me.Can I be a model.just answer me these ques.I’ll never ask you anything again.any suggestions.Be honest.Waiting thirstly.please,please answer.

  • Sure! I found ur picture. Yes. Yes. Yes. No. Yes.

  • Sorry for nonsense Qustion i was need to know what surgerys can an average looking guy do to be look like a model but forget this question, can you just tell me do you think if i lost some wieght i will be good looking guy that is my last qustion in this Website please tell me please tell me do i look good.

  • I think you already are a good looking guy, but if you lost some weight around your face it would bring out your jawline and your cheekbones and make you more attractive. I honestly don’t think you should worry about losing too much weight unless you want to. You are already very attractive.

  • Thanke you so much elle yes i have to lose some wieght to make my face sharp and i will tell you that your very attractive girl (your face is attractive)and(your personality is attractive) and i will go to gym to lose some wieght and my jaws are wide and i have a hight cheekpons thats the reason why i have big cheeks and yes you are right this weight disapering my jawline thanke you i hope i get beautiful kind girl friends like you

  • You’ev answered me according to which pic black shirt or white.I couldn’t understand no.I know you might have boyfriend like Chris evans,Bradpitt.Tom cruise.But no one less or equal to me.I mean I’m 18 6’5 and this was not the best one.Any demerits in me to become equal to your boyfriends.your no forced me to ask further.Thnx for 4 yes.

  • Hey sorry hammad. I think I misunderstood your question somehow. For some reason I thought u were asking if u were uglier than my past boyfriends. But now that I read the question more carefully the answer is yes. Sorry

  • I answered you didn’t I?

  • At last, a lovely comment by a lovely girl.Thnx for a final yes.If its true.I don’t believe.Any thing in me to be improved and shut the doors between you and me.I have to do a lot of study.

  • Attachment

    And the last qustion elle my friends telling me that im look like that man do you think im look like him please tell me (yes, No)

  • As of right now, you sort of look like him. If you lost weight in your cheeks, you will look exactly like him minus the hair color.

  • Thanke you elle, yeah my hair color is brown

  • Attachment

    I was rated 9,9.5 or even 10 by different mirror rated me only 50.I was so depressed.Iused my 110% pure pic no filters rate me1-10

  • I’d say you’re around an 8/10. Could you rate me? Thanks.

  • sorry to say bro. but I think you look like girls.
    no Offense.

  • It’s all good, I’ve thought that as well. I am extremely uncomfortable with how I look as it’s got me into some bad situations.

  • Chill bro !
    U can get a great haircut and hit the gym
    If I think your young then there’s still a lot of changes to appear in yourself.
    All that matters is how u r as a person.

  • the rating system is completely off . I uploaded people on here who are model worthy and they only got 50 to 55. before this new change i was getting 8 no matter the lighting or angles but now I only get 50 based on the angle and lighting .if you take professional pictures it will give you a high rating.if its a bad quality photo but your still attractive it will only rate you 10 out of 100.i can’t take this site seriously anymore .it’s a joke . it’s too inaccurate. I would recommend not following a website for esteem issues and go about what people think and say about you offline.

  • Attachment

    I know. I got 16% . I don’t get it

  • Attachment

    you are not 16% your pic style looks a bit are around 7.5-8
    what about that rate me thanks.

  • Elle why for me 8 means I’m like sky.No difference.My rough one 8+.It should be opposite.I apologize if you disliked the surgery comment.I just wanted to make you a model.Sky can never be 8.

  • U are not at all 16 %
    I can say the pic is not that clear
    U are 7.8 .

    Do rate me

  • I respect your comment I’ve also uploaded some actors pic.They rated Roman reings 10.24 and othe pic are 200% right its a joke and inaccurate

  • Attachment

    Hey, I rated you. Could you do the same? Thanks.

  • Yes this is true it is based on picture quality. I have gotten anywhere from 50 to 99. I am an actress and was a model but I am currently 37 years old so getting 99 is a compliment for sure. I notice the app changes my eyes and jaw in a weird way sometimes (makes it too narrow) I would not take this seriously!

  • Attachment

    What do guys think? What do you rate me out of 10?

  • Attachment

    I got 50.00, but I would like to know what you think.

  • Attachment

    I got 50.00, a bit sad
    I would like to know your opinion guys

  • You are not ugly, I would give you a 78.00 🙂

  • Guys can you’ll rate my pic from 1-10 ?

  • I’ll give you a 7.5-8. You’re not ugly. You look better than most people.

  • Dear PinkMirror admirers,

    I would like to share a news from our chief beauty scientist. Please expect a major change in beauty score calculation. The reason for this change is to make the scores more accurate. In order to improve the visibility of score, our scientist will change the scale from 0-10 to 0-100. Stay tuned.

  • Attachment

    I’ve always considered myself average…but here my rating is 8.69. So I want to know what people would actually think irl. Rate my photo please.

  • Honestly 7 i think with out glasses will be beter

  • Can you tell me what is good in my face and what is bad then i will tell you

  • Attachment

    This is my another pic guys,during the lockdown.
    Do rate me from 1-10

  • Hey, you look very beautiful, you’re not at all average looking , you’ve a good jawline, nice nice and sharp nose!!

  • Attachment

    I got an 8.5/10 but I’m curious what real people think.

  • Not my type. Proportion is probably 8.5 but in my eyes your a 6.5/10

  • Attachment

    Hey Emma I got 8.69 out of 10
    I wanna know your opinion
    I am 16 now

  • Rithik
    You are charismatic
    You have very expressive eyes
    As per my views you are 9.4 straight off the bat

  • Dude look in this site people not telling the truth they are laying so match i cant under stand that some people gives some one 2or3 and some people give 7or 8 i can say that now its bullshit!!

  • Attachment

    Hi! I am 14 and from Ukraine, I got an 8.69 rating but I feel like it’s not true. Can someone please tell me what things I should improve about my face to make it prettier? Thank you 🙂

  • You just look unhappy and that’s not very attractive but besides that I think you’re a 7.8. you’re adorable and still maturing so you don’t need to change anything

  • You should improve nothing at all. Embrace yourself as you are and as far as my concern you are way too pretty. Never change yourself for anyone, if you do you will face misery ahead.
    Bottom line: You are beautiful.

  • Attachment

    I got an 8.6
    But I’d like you guy’s opinion. I don’t wear makeup so right off the bat, not doing so well I also do have some acne.

  • I think you’re an 7.5, your eyes are very attractive

  • Is that really you? I think I saw the same guy once somewhere. Anyways, you’re a 10 for many people because you possess the qualities of a handsome face.

  • Attachment

    Can you guys rate me here?
    Any improvements?

  • You are good just change your smile its look like jocker

  • I wish I could change my smile but I have braces haha

  • This is a better picture of me, in the previous one my face wasn’t straight

  • Attachment

    Can you guys rate all my aperance please and tell me about my nose size

  • and do you think i have to get nasal surgry or its good for my face

  • dw nose looks bigger on webcam because they are closer. actually a lot of people did plastic surgery to look good on selfy but irl it’s not necessarily better.
    if u want to look better on picture tho u can take it from further so the quotient of all distances is lower.

  • ur kinda hot just get rid of the little bit of acne and maybe abit of bigger lips. then youd b perfect. rn tho 8/10

  • There is something to be said for this mathmatical equation showing symetrical beauty in faces.
    But, SO – SO much of beauty is subjective, in the eye of the beholder, as the saying goes.
    You asked for a realistic rating. then in brackets added “globalaverage=5.” I didn’t understand what the “=5” was for ? Was it the mark ‘This site gave your face ? Or your own estimate based on what you percieve to be comparables ?
    Well, hope you don’t cringe that this is coming from a gay guy, cause if so ;-p
    Here it is :
    Confidence is as, if not more, important than raw material – your features. Just dressing well and grooming well, can make a bigger impact on your loks than the “so called Natural Good looks” Staying in good Physical Shape is More important than if your nose is the same width as your eyes, or mouth is as wide as your pupils. Keeping yourself Clean all the time, you don’t need an expensive haircut, just tidy hair that shows you obviously take good care of yourself will be more attractive than whether your face is perfectly symetrical.
    Dude. You Have (pretty Much) all of that going on already ! Except For “Global Average=5” Which Seemed to come across as maybe a self confidence issue.
    – your obviously in shape
    – you have a cool looking tidy haircut
    – you’re wearing a Levis Shirt, Levis is a pretty cool Brand Name.
    – /me –> Grins, The shirt is Clean
    — You have cute Features. (Hypothetically Of course -) “If” I had met you in a Bar, I’d have come up to you and started talking to you. (Look at this this way, You can say “Yep, even the Guys want me ” .. /me Smirks at him. )
    – If you have an air of self confidence about you. (Notsaying if yopu do or don’t – just saying) If you do, You are Way over a Five Dude, you’re like a solid – easy 7.5 even 8 or more if you are really self confident and fill out with a bit more muscle as you age a little more. you’re Way WAY over Five Dude.
    Pffft., 5 – Whatever !
    Don’t believe the “perfect” model of what HAS to be the “right” look.

  • And please tell me which features you like the most and which features you don’t like

  • now its your turn to rate me

  • I like your eyelashes, eyes and skin. nothing is there to dislike.

  • Ur pretty. youve got rlly nice lips in my opinion. 7.5/10

  • Attachment

    Can you rate me please and can you tell me whats good in my face and whats bad

  • well ur not bad currently id give you a 6 but if you grew a beard and worked ou a bit you’d be an easy 7.5-8.5

  • since u asked for it in the photo your eyes are asymmetric and your nose is too large otherwise its good

  • I think ur eyes are quite nice theyre just abit asymmetrical. ur nose i disagree with the other person i thinks its a good size and shape. ur lips i think r nice too, theyre not to big or small. just right. and ur face shape is nice u could just possibly workout and lose some weight on ur face. overall rn ur probably a 7.5/10 hope this helps.

  • I’ll give u a 5, lose weight, get a beard and you look tired so maybe sleep more

  • Umm… Actually I got 8.9 and on different picture I got a perfect 10 so I don’t think I’m a 4.5. thanks though

  • I think you need to get smaller forhead, smaller tip nose or change your nose shape, and get biger upper lips, your eyes is beautiful green eyes and your skin is very good, i think you are 6.8 put if you get smaller forhead, another nose shape and biger upper lip you will be 9.3

  • I asked for a rating not for u to tell me what to do. If i want to put on makeup i can, im sorry that u cant put on makeup well enough and may i point out u have a food stain on the edge of ur mouth. no hate just pointing this out

  • Not a food stain. It’s a scar from cancer I had on my face.

  • By the way, I said to take off your make-up in order to see what your face structure is, not because it doesn’t look good. And no, I don’t put on make up so no need for you to tell me I don’t know how to

  • um well lets just say we have very different opinions

  • and my face structure is the same with and without makeup. i mean idk how id b able to change my whole face structure with it anyways..

  • Honestly it’s hard for me to understand why you are being so defensive. I didn’t say you weren’t beautiful, you really are. I just said it would be more accurate to rate you if you were without makeup

  • I don’t understand why you are so defensive. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough. I think you are gorgeous but it would be more accurate if you would have a picture without makeup

  • I think you dont need any one to tell you that you are beautiful you are perfect nice eye, lips, face shape, nose, hair dont worry about your look

  • Can you tell me about my eyes, nose, lips, face shape honest please like i told you

  • Attachment

    i got 4.0 what do u guys think

  • Dude look you are good looking you have good face shape and good eyes lips what you have to do you should fix your brows

  • Can you rate me and tell me what is good and what is bad like i told you pro

  • Can you tell me about my eyes, nose, lips like i told you please

  • Bruh, people just use the test instead of asking other people online…sksksskksksksksks

  • Yah but the test aren’t that accurate, and it’s nice getting feedback from other people than a robot that uses Asian beauty standards to determine how attractive you are

  • Attachment

    I got 8.9
    Can you guys rate me? What do you think 1-10?

  • I think thats about right.
    Ok here something about all this stuff.
    This site looks at your skin and measures the ratio of your face parts so a high score doesnt always mean youre good looking it just means the proportion of your face parts is about right so it just comes down to your face shape then and if you get a low score it just means your face isnt very symmetric and you might still be very attractive.

  • Attachment

    Please rate me 1-10 and tell me what I can improve. I got a 8.9 what do you guys think?

  • Really?! I’ve never had someone tell me that but I’ll take that as a compliment!

  • 9/10 for sure! Your eyes are stunning! Do you have hazel eyes?

  • Also was just wondering if you can guess my age because a lot of people tell me I look younger than my age.

  • 8.5 honestly can you rate my photo in 24th honest please

  • Omg thank you! That’s really nice but I would give myself max an 8 on a good day lol

  • Attachment

    can someone rate me? i feel like my chin is to small, true or not?

  • Can you tell me what is plastic surgeon i have to do then i will tell you what you have to change honstly

  • Attachment

    Got a 6.7 Pog, idk what do u guys think??

  • awww ur literally perfect like i think i just fell in love haha

  • Attachment

    Can you pls rate my face 1-10 and tell me what I need to do to be prettier? I honestly can’t tell if I’m pretty or ugly. Also sorry it a really bad quality camera and I have a cut on my lip.

  • ur cute and a little pretty. things u can improve would b a smaller nose and bigger lips in my opinion. which u can fix with nose conturing and lip overlining at the moment, once ur older u can decide what youd want to do then. Hope this helps but remember u do u.

  • Attachment

    Many say i have big lips, nose chubby face, personally this picture I think is good but i have really bad photos so I think im ugly. Ima put a good and a bad one. Rate me! Thx

  • Attachment

    What i have to change to be good looking

  • Dude look you are NOT ugly but you are also not bery goos looking you look like the average folk so if you had a good body and a beard(because of your face shape) you would be considered good looking as a package but your face will never be as good looking as many celebs and plus attractivity comes from talent first body second face third

  • What surgeon do you think i have to do on my face

  • Huh plastic surgery is a bit extreme. You look fine tbh

  • Attachment

    and what do you think about this look

  • I think your eyes are a good feature, can you rate me ?

  • girl ur so pretty omg I love ur eyebrows <3 10/10

  • His face is better than yours at least so Jonathan If u think he’s a 3/10 I can imagine what you would be lmao

  • Your features are alright but the picture is not good. For your looks i would rate 7/10 . And for the pic 3/10. And if u lose weight then it wluld definitely ne 9/10

  • Attachment

    WHY AM I SO UGLY? I got a 6.4 I am a -1000 omg i hate myself. Why is everyone on here so much prettyer than me?

  • You are soo pretty! I love your green eyes! A lot of people suffer from acne and it will clear up! Dw <3 Sorry if it's not acne and I assumed it was!

  • I don’t know how hard or easy it is for you to get rid of the acne but without it you’d turn heads for sure

  • dw! you are gorgeous despite your skin problems, 10/10 <3

  • You’re so beautiful, honestly DO NOT worry about anything. You have really pretty eyes and a nice nose. You’re so pretty. <3

  • Thank you so much! You are so sweet to everyone on this site! Just out of curiosity how old do I look in the picture?

  • Ahaha those are the two things I don’t like I always thought my nose was too big and my eyes were boring because they are brown.

  • omg hi name twin! expect I got an “f” in my name

  • Honestly, probably a 10. But rating people is so toxic. You’re beautiful and all that matters is being a good person.

  • Attachment

    Wtf????Don’t take this site seriously…hahahahaha

  • Yea tru tho dont take it seriously espically from what u got thats an absolute joke! oh btw idk if u just hate hot people but u r obviously hating on them so that makes u go even below ugly in my opinion.

  • You’re a little young, and you should never worry about beauty. Okay? Inner beauty is all that matters. Therefore, you are perfect. Never change anything about yourself.

  • I rated you honestly don’t take it personally jonathan is a fool he thinks himself the most handsome which he is not

  • Can you tell me what i should change in my face to become7/10

  • Personaly ur not my type but I still think ur a 8/10

  • How many times will you get jealous jonathan haven’t got any gf yet???

  • Why would you hurt someone else? If you’re insecure you shouldn’t hurt someone else. Do you kno how awful that feels. I’m apalled and disgusted. RUDE.

  • You’re so beautiful. What are you worried about?!! You have FLAWLESS skin. Girl, you are goals. Never change yourself! 100% honest. You’re a queen!

  • Attachment

    Please rate my looks 1-10 and tell me what I can improve. I got a 8.9 what do you guys think?

  • Your really pretty! You have nice eyebrows and pretty eyes

  • Attachment

    Please rate me looks 1-10
    and maybe give me some feedback on what could improve??

  • Really i think she is 9 or 10 she so beautiful

  • How many times will you get jealous jonathan haven’t got any gf yet???

  • 7.7329. The lighting makes it kinda hard to judge but overall you are pretty, especially your lips. Can you rate my picture down there as well (on 6th may)

  • You’re so pretty. Bro… My nickname is pheobe lol. You’re B E A U T I F U L no cap tho.

  • Attachment

    this is another photo to rate maybe a bit clearer

  • Dude wtf i think she beautiful asf 10/10! your probably just jealous you be looking shit

  • You are so beautiful 10/10 can you rate me in 8th please

  • Bro ur hiding ur face lol how r ppl supposed to judge

  • Attachment

    I got 9.4 without retouch ._. im very confused, i look good for a 9.4?

  • You’re so perfect. Never change. You have p e r f e c t eyebrows. No cap. ngl I obsess over eyebrows so…

  • when you grow up you’ll be breaking a lot of hearts for sure

  • I got 9.4 without retouch ._. im very confused, i look good for a 9.4?

  • Attachment

    I got a score of 8.72. Rate me 1-10, I wanna see if that score is accurate

  • Attachment

    Is my face proportionate? Also model quality?

  • thread your eyebrows and fix your haircut and you’ll be hot

  • Ok i’m sorry for stuff i said on this page. my dad had just died, i know thats not an excuse but i hope you’ll forgive me.

  • Attachment

    I got 9.0, i think this is fake (i have 13y btw)

  • I think that you have avery long face and you dont have jaws muscels and you have avery wide chin. You have unsymatric features i will gave you 1.5/10

  • Jonathan, are you serious? Don’t listen to him Pranshu, trolls like him should just stay under bridges.

  • Honestly 4/10 if u get mad you wanted me to be honest

  • Attachment

    I got 8.49 I think it’s lying because I think I’m ugly

  • DO YOU EVER STOP BEING RUDE?! DISGUSTING. Ciaran, you’re perfect don’t let people hurt you.

  • Attachment

    Dont listen to any one you are very pretty

  • Nah you look great! Just a lil acne but you’ll grow out of it

  • Imma be real. You are B E A U T I F U L. Your eyes are so pretty. I’ve always wanted green eyes. Stop playing. You’re gorgeous. <3

  • Yes, you are, you have beautiful thick hair and a very expressive face.

  • Attachment

    Be totaly honest am i ugly? I already know i am but what do you think.

  • 8.5 but this is an odd angle so it could be higher. You kind of look like rose leslie

  • Attachment

    Got 8.87 , feels like its a lie idk hahaha.

  • No cap, you’re really attractive. Like really really attractive. Like John B attractive lol. Your jawline is perfect. Danggg. K imma go watch Outerbanks for the 10th time lololol.

  • I- I got an 9.8 or 9.7 in America damn I better move there then LMFAO

  • This is most probably a scam becuz my photos ranged from 0.11 to 8.69

  • Attachment

    I got about a 6……. am I ugly?

  • Fuck you Jonathan, don’t listen to him by the way you are sooooo gorgeous. Your face is very delicate and expressive. You are beautiful, no matter what those haters say.

  • You are so pretty I have acne to and it is so hard to get rid of but even with it ion you still pull of being pretty.

  • Attachment

    I have very low self confidence. Am I pretty? What is my best feature?

  • Lol I’ll give you a name of my fake snap so you can add me on my main without everyone creeping on me – jennyslover567 – oh you’re a cutie btw. I’m 19, hopefully you’re similar in age you look it.

  • Hi, I got the same exact score as you, this program may be a little rigged because it is a somewhat rare change that we both got 8.69

  • Hey you look real pretty, why do u think bad abt urself.
    I find ur eyes to be ur best feature. Your forehead is good too!
    To me you look real cute.
    Have a look at me below(named run)…i got the same score as u but i think you r much better!

  • Hey Run! Thank you so much . I think badly abt myself cuz I normally look way worse (that was when I had makeup on). I saw your profile and I think you r very good looking. I don’t think I look better at all. Again, thanks for ur kind words.

  • I feel you look gorgeous Evie. A smile would decorate ur face wonderfully. We can be frnds if u wish:) I can share my Skype or telegram id if u want…

  • u can leave me a mail over there if u wish…i like making new frnds 🙂 not sharing the main ids which i use to avoid spam.
    I just felt u need someone to talk with which may not be true ofcourse
    Have a nice day

  • Evie, you look gorgeous! I think you’d deserve a much higher score than 8.69. I got that score as well, it is down below if you want to see. You are so much prettier though! I agree that your eyes are your best feature, but overall your face is perfect and fairy-like. Please stop feeling so bad about yourself, because you are so so beautiful.

  • Thank you so much Leila! I don’t know how we got the same score. I saw your picture down below and oh my. You are gorgeous. Your hair is so pretty and curly.

  • Shut up you’re just sooooo cuuuuteee

  • Heck no, you are definitely not ugly. You have amazing hair, nose, face shape, everything. You are very handsome.

  • Yes , you are my dear ,
    I would rate you 82 out of 100 .
    Your eyes are just so beautiful.
    The only problem is the shape of your nose but anyway you are beautiful.

  • You are, i’d say 8/10. Your eye shape is very nice and your nose is narrow which brings your eyes out even more.

  • Yes you’re so beautiful, and confidence will be the key to u having higher self esteem and for ur beauty to radiate. Also ur eyes are gorgeous and definitely one of ur best features.

  • You look amazing don’t let anyone tell you other wise

  • Υou are damn hot,i give 8/10 and i’m a male.Your blonde hair and your eyes are gorgeous.

  • ur eyes r super pretty :)) and yeah ur very pretty

  • Omg you are so pretty. you should have more confadence in yourself because you are so pretty. I like your eyes they are very pretty and they fit perfect with everything else, you go girl

  • Attachment

    I got 8.69 for this. I’m not sure if I deserve that at all. What do you reckon?

  • For a moment i thought u both r same indeed

  • Wow! Kara, you really do look like me! If you live nearby, do you want to meet up for a coffee or something?

  • You are beautiful! You have great face symmetry and your nose suits you very well.

  • Shut the hell up she is so pretty you just like to let people down but you are really just mad bc you are ugly so you have to take that out on pretty girls like her. Just stop it is not funny and no one likes it. these very pretty girls don’t need you being rude and lying to them.

  • Attachment

    It’s funny that the score was lower after retouching, so I just left it like that. The bigger eyes seemed artificial.

  • yeah I think the retouching is to Asian ideals that explains the slim face and big eyes haha

  • Attachment

    Rate this pic I wanna know
    Whether I am beautiful or not

  • Attachment

    Got 8.69…
    What do u think?

  • Yeah, I think that’s fair enough. You look pretty hot.

  • Shut up already no one cares what you think god just stop.

  • What!!!!!! You have marbles in place of ur eyes for sure. Anyway only a girl will know a boy’s beauty…idiot Jonathan

  • i got a 8.56 and i rly think its wrong- is it?

  • Attachment

    I am not sure this went right… I am average maybe, not a 9,92

  • Your eyes may be a tiny bit too high up but overall you look very attractive. I love your lips especially.

  • Attachment

    I got 8.0…well i don’t consider myself that pretty though..

  • Bro, what do u mean?! You look hot as! There is nothing to worry about.

  • that’s really mean Stefoney. We have one life.. wasting your time worrying about how you look is no way to live.. get over yourself and have fun. play outside. do something you enjoy. stereotypical things like obsessing over how attractive you are wont help you be happy :c you should enjoy life!

    so dude.. dont worry about it, you look fine!

  • I can tell you right now that you’re a -10 because you have no filter and you’re just another scumbag on this planet. Be respectful or get lost.

  • The message I sent previously was for Stefoney.
    Not the dude who got insulted. You’re awesome dude! Don’t let scumbags like Stephoney tell you differently! I got 8.5 and I know I’m more attractive than that! You’re a great man! (Not stephoney) I’m a man of principle and I’ll tell you right now that you need to love yourself!! God loves you, So love yourself! Stand up strong!

  • Yeah Stephoney, you should feel like shit after saying something like thst. but you dont, because you’re a stupid fucking idiot. We are all beautiful and perfect, just as God made us. (Except you)

  • im looking for some friends cuz my friend arent good can i be your friend?

  • Wow!! You have:
    – A proportional forehead
    – Symmetrical Face
    – Good skin
    – Good Nose
    – Nice Face Shape

    Not bad, not bad at all!

  • Yes you are very pretty. you have very big pretty eyes and a nice face shape you are really pretty if anyone tells you different that is bc they are upset that you are way prettyer than them.

  • Very pretty and lips – you have nice shaped eyes

  • Attachment

    i think im agly and fat my friends say im beautiful and skinny should i belive them

  • You shouldn’t say that about yourself :(( As long as you’re healthy and happy is all that matters. Try and be the best you can be and have a good diet and exercise! I think you’re pretty and ily <3

  • Honey, you are not ugly at all! Your friends are right. I think that you’re one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen, and you should think that too.

  • I guess got pretty good results this time which means that I have improved my ability to take selfies. This really made my day. I think the site is amusing but don’t forget that the beauty that actually matters is the inner beauty! You are all flawless no matter the beauty score on this site!

  • Yeah I totally agree. I got a rather decent score according to this website. I mean I am not the most popular girl at school but I still value the love from my friends and classmates higher than my beautyscore.

  • Wow Binki, I think that’s just shit. We are all perfect just the way God made us! (Except you, Binki!) If you think bullying is better online behind a profile picture, you shouldn’t be allowed on a computer.

  • Really nice eyes and nose shape and your skin is so clear!

  • Wow!!!! You have flawless skin, beautiful eye color, plump lips, and nice eyebrows.

  • Attachment

    I cant believe I got a 9.93…
    I feel like the ugly duckling
    finally realizing she’s a swan.

    the bullies who hurt me
    and light my hair on fire and said
    “Burn the witch”, were wrong about me.
    I feel God smiling upon me.
    He has healed my broken heart.

    Thank you ♡

  • You are literally the prettiest person i have ever seen holy shoot

  • Just so you know this is face i have no nose and it said i was 9.98.

  • My goodness, you look like some gorgeous fairy, and you’re poetic too! Never say you’re not beautiful, because you are completely gorgeous.

  • Shut up she is so pretty and you are just mad bc she is prettyer than you.

  • BINKI You shithead, such a troll, you suck! This young man is completely beautiful.

  • Attachment

    I got a 9.99?? I’m okay but that’s about it.

  • I got a 10 guys ! No wonder I always get hitten on even when I look like trash 🙂

  • but i feel good with a 8.37