Pinkmirror Features

1: Face Reshaping

Coming soon..

2: Face Slimming

The face slimming feature helps you to alter the proportions of the face that you want to enhance by trimmed look. Reducing the excess area on cheeks will make the face slimmer, better and sharper. When it comes to faces, slimmer is better. read more ..

3: Nose Shaping

The nose is an outstanding part of any facial photo, and a properly shaped nose will make a typical photo much better. Make the nose width smaller - Have you ever felt that your nose appeared bigger in images than it actually is? If this is your case, then you can now take advantage of this winning feature. Decrease the width of the nose - The pinkmirror interface will enable you to significantly decrease the width of your nose for an improved elegance of face. read more ..

4: Wider Eyes

Bigger eyes on an image increases the cuteness of the face, and they will make the face appear as those of an innocent child. Eyes are the most important parts of your face, and making them more captivating will improve the quality of your photo in all dimensions. This feature enables you to enlarge the size of your eyes. read more ..

5: Pouting Lips

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6: Chin Lifting

Coming soon..

7: Contouring and Highlighing

Many people don't realize that good makeup involves so much more than some mascara and lipstick. In fact, the products that other people don't notice are the ones that work the most magic on your appearance. Eyeliner and lip gloss might get all the glory, but contouring powder and highlighter work quietly in the background to define your features and sculpt your face. If you want to bring out your cheekbones or slim your nose, contouring can give you similar effects to plastic surgery without all the pain and expense. read more ..

8: Remove Skin Spots.

Are a few freckles or blemishes wreaking havoc on an otherwise beautiful picture of you? Everyone has those pesky little flaws that have a way of becoming a lot more noticeable in photos. Whether you're dealing with pimples, freckles, moles, scars, bumps, or other issues, PinkMirror's Spot Removal service can give your profile picture that flawless look you desire. read more ..

9: Rosy face

Reveal the healthy and extensive color tones of your face. read more ..

10: Red eye removal

The red eye effect is very annoying. It makes one look like a vampire, frightening everyone who sees the image. Most images have the red eye when an image is taken in low light using the flash. You may not have the required technique and experience or the ability to know how to match the amount of light in the surroundings with that captured in a photograph requires proper timing. With the Red Eye Removal feature in pinkmirror, you will be able to eradicate the red-eye defect in the photos you intend to upload, making them more lively and to give you a special innocence. You do not have to look like a substance abuser just because your photography was badly timed, do away with the red-eye defect with this feature. read more ..

11: Glowing Smooth Skin

Even smooth skin needs to be enhanced because no photo will be able to capture it as it is. The Glowing Smooth Skin feature is made for all users, both advanced and newbie. Your skin as depicted in your uploaded photos talks volumes about you, and the last thing you want is to upload a photo on Facebook and receive “you can be better” comments from your friends. You can now have that soft, smooth and supple skin on your profile picture today, courtesy of the Pinkmirror’s Glowing Smooth Skin feature. This feature will enable you to transform your somewhat dry skin into a glowing and very supple skin. Good thing is that no one will be able to tell that you have enhanced the image. It is so natural. Why should you accept anything lesser when you can have a perfect skin with this feature?

12: Wrinkle reduction

Everybody will get old eventually, but you can now get rid of even the small wrinkles around the eyes and the forehead using the wrinkle reduction feature on Pinkmirror. This one is very easy to use. It will make the skin not only smooth, but naturally so. You can eradicate all the wrinkles from your photos and give you a more vivid photo in your social network’s account. You do not have to worry about becoming more susceptible to the appearance of wrinkles with this feature, since it clears all of them, leaving your skin as smooth as possible. Explore this feature for a younger appearance. read more ..

13: Crow's Feet Removal

Never get bothered about Crows-Feet and Frown-Line anymore. read more ..

14: Eye Brightening

One of the most important parts that distinguish a great photo from a not so appealing photo is the eye. Everybody wants to look at a captivating photo, and prominently featured eyes speak to anyone who sees the photo. Brighter eyes even make a picture more appealing, no matter the illumination of the photo during photography. So, have you ever wondered of how to make your eyes brighter before uploading? If your answer is in the affirmative, you can now take advantage of the pinkmirror’s Eye Brightening feature to add the brightness into your eyes for more liveliness and clarity. The best thing with brighter eyes is that they enhance the general outlook of your photograph, regardless of the level of illumination during your photography. read more ..

15: Teeth Whitening

Nothing compares to a great set of teeth as displayed by an ear-to-ear smile in an image. As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words, and a great smiling will depict you as a jovial, outgoing and a hygienic person. However, not every person can don that captivating smile in his or her photography, but this is what everybody wants. You can use the Teeth Whitening feature to make your teeth or smile as white as you like. This feature helps you to transform your teeth into an attractive set, drawing attention to your uploaded photo. White teeth will not only be good for the social network images, but they will also assist you to realize ultimate success in love and work. So, keep that big smile for success in life! read more ..

16: Lip Makeup

Coming soon..