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Analysis of face is completed with a face score of 8.45 out of 10 and it finds you beautiful and attractive. Your objective face score is 92.77 out of 100. The report below details front face analysis, face shape analysis, skin analysis, gender analysis, Perceived age analysis and facial fat deposit levels. You can also find personalised styling suggestions.

The attractiveness of multiple facial features contributes to overall facial attractiveness. The American University of Beirut Medical Center study says beauty and facial attractiveness are easily identified but difficult to quantify. Despite its subjective nature, we can attempt to define, measure, and explain the captivating phenomenon of beauty by describing it numerically and geometrically.
Hence, a single feature does not determine attractiveness because it depends on how well that feature harmonizes with the face. The unit of measurement we used here is Interpupillary Distance (IPD). If you want to know what an objective face score is, read it here: Subjective vs Objective Beauty Score.

Face Beauty Score 1-10

Face Frontal Analysis Summary

Do you know what makes you attractive? Your best features are the Upper-Lip Height, Eye-To-EyeBrow Margin, and Lower-Lip Height. Also, you may want to know your features that need special attention. Your features that require improvements are Bi-Gonial Width, Bi-Zygomatic Width, and Chin Length.


Your Lip Upper Height is 9 IPD units and the ideal value is 7 IPD units. The larger the value, the better it is. You have a fair score for this feature but that doesnt really mean it adds a lot to your attractiveness.

Why a larger upper height is more attractive than a smaller one?

Fuller lips are considered attractive in women, playing a vital role in facial symmetry and aesthetics. A study found that a larger upper lip height relative to the lower lip’s height (with a 1:1.6 ratio) is particularly appealing, especially among young Caucasians. Full lips are associated with youth, femininity, and strong mating potential. Another study from the University of Michigan’s School of Dentistry discovered that the thickness of the upper lip is an essential factor in creating a pleasant smile. Additionally, the thickness of the upper lip is significantly related to the position of the maxillary central incisor. Some suggested that as people age, collagen production declines leading to thinner and flatter lips. These findings suggest that a more prominent upper lip height contributes to overall facial attractiveness and appeal.

Read the detailed study with exact scientific references

Celebrities with Larger Upper-Lip Height

Celebrities with Ideal Upper-Lip Height

Celebrities with Smaller Upper-Lip Height

Face Shape Analysis Summary

Your face shape is square. A stand-out feature of the square face shape is the jaws, the widest part of the face. The face height tends to be short. The width of the forehead, cheekbones, and jaw is mostly equal. The jaws are angular with edges but a flatter chin; there is no pointy cuteness here but a face with character.

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Skin Analysis Summary

Your overall Skin Quality score is 9.04/10. You have exceptional skin quality. Continue with your skincare routine to maintain this perfection.

Skin Score 1-10

The assessment of skin quality can be precisely determined by examining four major aspects: the degree of pigmentation, the presence of texture, the level of oiliness, and the presence of rhytides.
Skin pigmentation is assessed by examining the evenness and depth of coloration. Variations in skin pigmentation lead to the identification of four levels of discoloration, which include spots or patches of any size. These levels are categorized into four stages as follows: No visible pigmentation, Mild pigmentation, Moderate pigmentation, and Severe pigmentation.
Skin texture refers to the feel of someone’s skin when touched, which can range from Smooth, Textured, Rough, and Bumpy based on surface irregularities and variations in the skin. The key to sorting skin texture is how you feel if you touch the face with your fingers. This can be classified into four categories: Smooth, Textured, Rough, and Bumby.
When it comes to oiliness, we commonly break it down into four distinct categories, each defined by the skin’s appearance: Dry Skin, Normal Skin, Combination Skin, and Oily Skin.
Lastly, rhytides, or skin lines and wrinkles, offer another dimension to the evaluation of skin quality.They can be categorized into four levels based on their visibility and severity: No Visible Lines, Fine Lines but no wrinkles, Early Wrinkles, and Deep Wrinkles.
These four factors combined can help deliver a comprehensive overview of skin quality.

Sexual Dimorphism Analysis Summary

You are very feminine, with great features of sexual dimorphism.

Sexual Dimorphism Score 1-6

Fat Deposit Analysis Summary

Analysis of your face shows you have a fat deposit percentage of 20.7% and finds you have a healthy fat deposit. However, a reduction of it can improve its attractiveness.

Fat Deposit 10% - 30%

Age Analysis

Analyze perceived age from facial features, assessing several key attributes. Find how each feature can contribute to age perception.

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