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Brow Thickness – Why are Thicker Eyebrows Better for Females?


Thicker eyebrows are deemed more attractive in females, according to several studies. A study from Oakland University revealed that thicker eyebrows were seen as more attractive in women and influenced perceived attractiveness more than eye size or cheekbone prominence. Similarly, research based on Korean brow salon visitors indicated that thick eyebrows, which appear youthful and healthy, were preferred among female customers.


A recent study by Oakland University suggested that eyebrow thickness is a significant component of female attractiveness. Dr. Lisa Welling and Dr. Justin Moiliski discovered that women with thicker eyebrows were perceived as more attractive than those with thinner eyebrows. Even more fascinating, the thickness of a woman’s eyebrows had more sway on attractiveness than eye size and cheekbone prominence. Further, the researchers examined the effects of eyebrow thickness on perceived long-term romantic desirability. The study demonstrated that thicker eyebrows were more preferred in potential female partners compared to males.

Meanwhile, a study based on Korean brow salon visitors illustrated that thick eyebrows (measuring one third of the eye’s width at the lateral canthus) were seen as youthful and indicative of good health. This was preferred among female customers, while male customers opted for a slightly thinner eyebrow.

Further, thicker eyebrows may hold their attractiveness longer due to the natural thinning and shortening of eyebrows with age. In comparing the eyebrows of men and women, men’s eyebrows are typically heavier, straighter, and closer to the eyes. Women’s eyebrows, on the other hand, are more arched and peak at the lateral limbus. As women age, however, their eyebrows may descend, straighten, and come closer to the eyes, making the face appear more masculine.

In a nutshell, thicker eyebrows can serve as a hallmark of femininity and attractiveness, enhancing the luminance around the eyes and creating a distinct appeal.


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