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Nose Width – Why is a smaller nose width better than a wider one among males?


Three studies highlight the perceived attractiveness and masculinity linked to a smaller nose width in men. Ferruccio Tersello’s research at George Eastman Dental Hospital, conducted on 50 Italian models, determined that a nose width smaller than 1/4 of the facial width contributes to facial beauty. Similarly, Doug Jones from the University of Michigan found that a youthful and attractive face often features a high ratio of lower-facial features, unusually large eyes, full lips, and notably, a small nose. Lastly, Cunningham et al. (1990) connected perceived masculinity to certain facial features, including a smaller nose width. Their study suggests men with narrower noses are seen as more masculine and attractive. Collectively, these studies highlight the preference for a smaller nose width, linking it to attractiveness, youthfulness, and masculinity in men.


According to the study by Ferruccio Tersello at George Eastman Dental Hospital, “the nose width smaller than 1/4 of facial width” describes the beauty of the face. The study was held on 50 italian models selected for an important beauty contest.

Another study by Doug Jones (2011), Department of Anthropology, University of Michigan reports that a youthful face is one that combines a high ratio of lower-facial features with a small nose and ears and full lips . Additionally, a face with unusually large eyes, a small nose, and full lips compared to the face height can lower the predicted age of a man. These studies shed light on how “a small nose” is better than the wider one for overall attractiveness.

According to the Cunningham et al. (1990), perceived masculinity is related to certain facial features, including an angular face, thicker eyebrows, visible beard stubble, and larger smiles. However, masculinity is also connected with a smaller nose width. This suggests that participants in the study judged a face as more masculine when the nose was slightly narrower rather than wider. The smaller nose width could also be linked to perceived attractiveness, which is mentioned later in the text. So, in simple terms, men with smaller nose widths are often seen as more masculine and attractive compared to those with wider noses.


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