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How to retouch your photo?

Make your ordinary photo extraordinary in 6 easy steps! Do you have a lot of ordinary photos on your camera roll but nothing that is truly profile picture worthy? Maybe your social media needs a fresh update, or you have a job application, but how do you ensure that your photo gets you off to […]

Photo Editor

Perfect Teeth & No Dentist Required

Everyone desires a set of pearly whites that are the envy of their friends but not all of us can flash a megawatt smile like Hollywood celebrities because our teeth are stained or discolored. Unfortunately, even people with great smiles are unable to look their best in photos because they are afraid to show their […]

Photo Retouching

Instantly Retouch Your Group Photos In One Simple Step

PinkMirror has just released a new feature that allows you to retouch not only your own image but that of others as well, ideal for a group picture or family portrait. Now you can quickly and easily retouch multiple faces in one easy step, giving you the ability to improve the appearance of each individual […]