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You Have Pear Face Shape?

In the pear face shape, the structure is characterized by a broad, square-ish jaw and a wide chin, contrasting with a comparatively narrower forehead. The fuller face, often accompanied by rounded cheeks, tends to have the forehead tapering gracefully upwards, smaller in proportion to the more pronounced, robust lower half of the face. This face shape is distinctive for its unique, charming interplay between the subtle, refined features of the upper face and the defined, striking contours of the lower face.

Unique Features

  • Broad Jaw and Wide Chin: The pear face shape is marked by a broad and often square-ish jaw coupled with a wide chin, defining the lower part of the face distinctly.
  • Narrower Forehead: This face shape features a forehead that is noticeably narrower in comparison to the lower facial structure, contributing to the overall tapered appearance of the face.
  • Fuller Face with Rounded Cheeks: A characteristic of the pear face shape is its fuller face, typically accompanied by rounded cheeks, accentuating the contrast with the upper face structure.
  • Prominent Lower Half: The lower half of the face is robust and pronounced, serving as a distinguishing feature of this face shape.
  • Tapering Upper Face: The subtle, refined features of the upper face taper gracefully upwards, creating a distinctive contrast with the more defined, striking contours of the lower face.

Social Perceptions

  • Grounded & Stable: The wider jawline tapering to a narrower forehead can be interpreted as a sign of a grounded and stable personality, perhaps indicative of someone reliable and dependable.
  • Warm & Inviting: The fuller and rounded cheeks typically associated with a pear face shape may evoke feelings of warmth and friendliness, suggesting an inviting and approachable personality.
  • Soft & Gentle: The subtle and refined upper facial features contrasting with the more pronounced lower face can be associated with softness and gentleness, portraying an individual as caring and considerate.
  • Harmonious & Balanced: The charming contrast between the upper and lower facial features can create a perception of harmony and balance, possibly representing someone with a well-rounded and even-tempered character.
  • Practical & Realistic: The robust and defined lower face may be seen as a symbol of practicality and realism, indicative of a person who is pragmatic and has a realistic outlook on life.

Styling Guide

1. For Ladies
1.1. Make-up
1.2. Hair Style
1.3. Glasses

2. For Gentlemen
2.1. Hair Style
2.2. Beard Style
2.3. Glasses

For Ladies

If you have a pear face shape, you share the unique facial structure of celebrities like Minnie Driver. Your face is wider at the jawline and narrower at the forehead, creating a beautiful and distinctive look. Here’s how to enhance your features with the right makeup, hairstyle, and glasses.

Makeup Tips


  • To create the illusion of a more balanced, oval face shape, use a warm-toned bronzer a few shades darker than your foundation. Contour from your ears towards the sides of your lips to slim your jawline and elongate your face.
  • Highlight your forehead and temples to draw attention to the center of your face and away from your chin.


  • Emphasize your eyes with plenty of mascara or even false lashes for extra volume. Apply highlighter to your brow bone to further accentuate your eyes.


  • Keep your lip color neutral to avoid drawing attention to your chin. Choose shades that enhance your natural lip color without being too bold.

Hairstyle Tips

General Style:

  • Choose hairstyles that add volume and layers to slim down your face and soften your jawline.


  • Opt for heavy bangs that fall to your eyebrows or eyes to shorten your face and add weight to the top. This will help narrow the width of your forehead.

Short Hair:

  • A layered pixie cut can soften your features. Side-swept bangs add a cute and flattering touch.

Medium to Long Hair:

  • If pulling your hair back into a ponytail, include bangs to soften your jawline. A deep side part can balance out the width of your chin.
  • Keep some wisps of hair down when pulling your hair back to soften your chin and overall look.
  • For long hair, straight or curly styles with a center part will frame your face beautifully and draw attention to your eyes.


Frame Shape:

  • Choose glasses that balance your features. Small, round frames or slightly wider rectangular frames will complement your face shape.
  • Cat-eye frames are also a great option. Look for designs with decorative details at the top to draw attention upwards towards your eyes and temples, away from the jawline. can help you to find your face shape automatically. Click here Portrait Analytics.

For Gentlemen

If you have a pear face shape, you share the distinctive facial structure of celebrities like Brad Pitt. Your strong jawline and wide cheekbones are prominent features that can be complemented with the right hairstyle, beard, and glasses. Here’s how to enhance your natural look.

Hairstyle Tips

Balancing Proportions:

  • To balance your strong jawline, opt for medium-length haircuts. These styles add volume to the top of your head, evening out the proportions of your face.

Recommended Styles:

  • Side-Swept Fringe: A side-swept fringe adds fullness to your forehead, balancing the lower half of your face.
  • Textured Quiff: A textured quiff or a comb-over with a side parting can offset the prominence of your chin and jawline.
  • Pompadour: The volume of a pompadour adds length to your face, making your forehead appear less narrow and balancing the overall dimensions of your face.

Hair Texture:

  • For tight curls or an afro, styles with volume on top are ideal.
  • For straight hair, ensure your style has plenty of texture to avoid making the bottom half of your face look heavy.

Beard Style

Beard and Clean Shave:

  • A clean shave looks great on pear-shaped faces. However, if you prefer a beard, keep it well-trimmed and not too bushy to avoid emphasizing the bottom half of your face.

Balancing with Hairstyle:

  • If you choose to grow a beard, it’s essential to have a hairstyle with volume at the top to balance your overall proportions.


Frame Shape:

  • Opt for sunglasses with smaller frames like round or square shapes with soft angles.
  • Frames that are wider on the bottom half can help minimize the overall width of your face.

Frame Color:

  • Choose light-colored frames to complement your features without adding heaviness to the lower half of your face. can help you to find your face shape automatically. Click here Portrait Analytics.

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