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The Allure of Smooth Skin: Why Texture Matters for Women


For female, a smooth skin texture is more attractive than rough skin texture. Research by Igarashi et al. (2007) highlights that smooth skin is not only more appealing but is also regarded as healthier compared to rough skin. This perception is echoed in the work of Fink, Grammer, and Thornhill (2001), who emphasize the crucial role of skin texture in the judgment of female beauty. They note that smooth skin, indicative of health and fertility, positively influences male assessments of female attractiveness. Furthermore, studies by Mulhern and others have demonstrated that a uniform skin texture, which essentially refers to smoothness, significantly enhances perceptions of female beauty, associating it with youth and good health.


Igarashi et al. (2007) in their article titled “The Appearance of Human Skin: A Survey” pointed out that smooth skin is perceived as more attractive compared to rough skin. The authors further suggests that the smooth skin is healthier.

According to Fink, Grammer, and Thornhill (2001), skin texture plays a significant role in the judgement of female facial beauty. Moreover, the study suggests that women’s facial skin texture affects (male) judgements of women’s facial attractiveness and that Smooth skin is most attractive. The authors suggest that skin texture indicates fertility and health.

Research, including studies by Mulhern and colleagues, has demonstrated that a uniform skin texture is key to enhancing perceptions of female beauty. Uniform skin texture refers to smooth skin. This type of skin is often associated with a youthful and healthy appearance.


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