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Why is longer eyebrows better than short eyebrows for males?


In the realm of facial aesthetics, longer eyebrows are seen as a hallmark of masculinity. Gupta et al. (2017) in their study published in the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery noted that the average eyebrow length for men is 5.5 cm compared to 5.0 cm for women. This indicates that longer eyebrows contribute to a more masculine appearance. Further supporting this idea, Kleisner et al. (2013) found that certain facial features make men appear more trustworthy and attractive. These include bigger eyes, larger eyebrows, upward-pointing mouth corners, and a generally elongated and narrower face. In summary, research suggests that for men, having longer eyebrows not only accentuates masculinity but also adds to their perceived trustworthiness and attractiveness.


In facial aesthetics, certain facial features are associated with masculinity. For instance, a study in the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery titled “The Science and Art of Eyebrow Transplantation by Follicular Unit Extraction” by Gupta et al. (2017) highlighted that “average length of an eyebrow is 5.5 cm in men and 5.0 cm in women” This means longer eyebrows are associated with masculine appearance. Thus, longer eyebrows in males may enhance their masculine appearance making it better as compared to short eyebrows.

Furthermore, according to a research article titled “Trustworthy-Looking Face Meets Brown Eyes” by Kleisner et al. (2013), there are certain features of face that makes male more trustworthy as well as more attractive. These features are “bigger eyes, larger eyebrows, a mouth with upward-pointing corners, and a generally extended and narrower face shape”. This also suggest that for males, longer eyebrows are better than short eyebrows because it makes them look more trustworthy and more attractive.


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