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Your face shape is round. The width of your face is mostly the same length as your face. Your jawline will also have a soft, round shape rather than pointy or angular edges. The round face shape is perfectly uniform with a petite look as typically seen in young children. Your cheekbones are the broadest feature of your facial structure, and you have full cheeks. According to research, the most attractive face shape for women is a triangle. An oval face shape is widely considered attractive, while heart, round, diamond, rectangle, and square face shapes are also considered attractive to varying degrees. On the other hand, pear and oblong face shapes are not typically seen as attractive.

Celebrities with your face shape


For round face shapes, you should try to create a less rounded, more angular look overall. As such, contouring around the face and adding angle to the eyes will help with this.
The edges of your face and your cheekbones will benefit from contouring using a bronze to alter the roundness of your face; contouring should be apple either side of your face, thicker at the top and sides of your face and thinner around your cheeks to give a more angular appearance overall. Meanwhile, add a little light blush or highlighter to your cheeks and underneath your cheekbones, as this will help provide the perception of a longer face shape overall.
To add a little angle and elongate the shape of your face, we recommend that you should add some darker colouring around your eyes, preferably with warm colours; this will also help to detract from the roundness of your face. Wide and natural brows are typically best suited to round faces to help your eyebrows fill out the space between the edge of your face and your eyes.
For your lips, you will need to determine first the most suitable lip colour, which should complement your natural skin tone ideally; however, you don’t necessarily need to draw attention to your lips, so a subtle color would be fine. If you have full plump lips, just leave it as it is. However, if your lips are slightly thinner, draw them out a little more to make them look plump.

Hair Style

The best hairstyle that matches your look are styles with waves. Wave styles will help flatter your round shape and make your face look longer. The best hair lengths to do this with are medium and long. You can also do short styles like a pixie cut to contrast the round shape of your face. Just makes sure the cut has lots of textures.
For medium length, you could have loose waves with bangs that are swept to the side of the face.
You could also carry off a mid-neck piecey bob without any problems. As long as it has got lots of textures and the hair is styled in in loose waves with a semi side parting. Leave the bangs loose so they can be swept to the sides of your face; you would look super cute in that.
Another bob you could try is the side-swept bob with textured layers. This will draw more attention to your eyes and less focus on the roundness of your face.
The shag hairstyle is suitable for mid-neck to shoulder length hair. It has a slightly unkempt shaggy rock chic look about it. The layered gentle waves in the style gives the illusion of a slimmer face, and draws attention to your cheeks, lips and eyes.
When looking at long hairstyles, ombre waves are a classy yet daring hair fashion statement to make. It shows people you have class, but also have a naughty side to you. This hairstyle will bring attention to your cheekbones.
You could also do a long wavy natural looking hairstyle with centre-parting and the hair falling gently on the sides. This minimises the roundness of your face shape, and draws attention to focal points in the middle; like your eyes, nose and lips.


The crème de la crème to set off your whole look are the sunglasses. Due to your face shape being round, your cheekbones and jawline do not stand out as much. This means we need to get you shades which will make your face look a little wider. Nothing does that better than glasses with rectangle or square shaped frames. These will add definition to your face, give it the illusion of being longer and add some character as well. You could play around with the colour of the frame and go wild on the patterns. This will not only make your eyes look a little bigger, but shows the fun side of your personality as well.
You see, having a round face does not make you look like the average Janet. In fact, it gives you the opportunity to play with what nature gave you.If you wish to ask me something about face shape, add it as a comment here.