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Your face shape is triangle. Your face looks like an inverted triangle, with a notable broad forehead with a small chin. The chin does not have a pointy appearance. The hairline is either straight across the forehead or slightly rounded around the edge of the line. All in all, chiseled, angular cuts are the key quality here. According to research, the most attractive face shape for women is a triangle. An oval face shape is widely considered attractive, while heart, round, diamond, rectangle, and square face shapes are also considered attractive to varying degrees. On the other hand, pear and oblong face shapes are not typically seen as attractive.

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For those with a triangular face shape, contouring and highlights are particularly important to give your face a longer and rounder look. As such, you should aim to reduce the width of your forehead while also softening and widening your jawline. Drawing attention to your eyes is a good way to help achieve this.
Contouring should aim to balance the width of your face shape; since you’ll need to make your face look longer and rounder, we’re going to get a little creative here. Bronzer should be applied around the temples and around your ears, reaching down to the corner of your mouth, to create a narrower and more even appearance; meanwhile, contouring your chin except for the very most prominent section, which will benefit from a small amount of highlighting. Add highlights below the eyes, on the forehead, and on the nose as well for the best results.
You should opt for a dramatic look for your eyes with careful choice of eyeshadow color to draw attention to your temples, which are the most perfectly balanced region of your face; we recommend either a dark shade, or one that compliments your outfit directly. Meanwhile, you should create an angular arch for your eyebrows to outline your eyes further and redirect attention towards the centre of your face, giving a more even appearance.
Avoid drawing too much attention to your chin, as you need to create a softer look for your lower face, which is typically more pointed. As such, a cooler or neutral shade will look stunning on your lips, giving the best results overall. Focus on the eyes instead to really draw attention to the centre of your face.

Hair Style

The best hairstyle that matches triangle face shapes are ones that slim down your jawline and reduce the width of your forehead.
There are different hairstyles you can do with short, medium and long hair which can achieve this. When it comes to short styles, as long as the top of the hair is layered heavily, this will balance the dimensions of your face and make it look rounder and softer. You could have a sleek retro crop, short sides and a cool modern bouffant on the top. A pixie with a fringe; the bangs can be long, short, heavy or wispy would look cool. The fringe is important as this will narrow down the width of your forehead and round off the shape of your face.
For short to medium length hair you can have a long bob or a lob. This style works well with bangs falling straight over your forehead down to your eyebrows or eyes. This will make your face look shorter and wider. You could even have the bangs swept to the side. With the medium length style, having the hair fall just past the jaw area also does its own magic of lessening the hardness of the jawline.
Long hairstyles can be straight or curly. What matters is that you get a centre parting which allows the hair to fall nicely on either side of your face. It will frame your face beautifully by drawing attention inwards towards the centre of your face and make it look longer and slimmer. If you ever wear your hair as a ponytail then make sure you have a fringe or at least leave some wisps of hair falling down past your jawline. This will frame your face and make it look softer.


Now for the sunglasses to finish off your new look. When choosing the perfect sunglasses for a triangle face, we want to draw attention away from your jaw area. To do this we are going to be a little more dramatic with the shades you wear. You should get glasses that have lots of detail or colour in the top part of the frames; like a bold top frame. Also make sure the frames are wider around your temple area. Wider frames will make the outline of your hair appear wider; hence further balancing out the proportions of your face. I would say cat eyes, oval, glasses with angular frames or even shades with rimless bottoms will do this.
I think your transformation is now done! The rest is up to you, go work the shape that Mother Nature gave you.If you wish to ask me something about face shape, add it as a comment here.