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Your face shape is oblong. Your jawline, cheekbones, and forehead are about the same width. The length of the face is longer in comparison to the width. Your cheek-line, also known as mid-face, is also long. The chin is round in shape. According to research, the most attractive face shape for women is a triangle. An oval face shape is widely considered attractive, while heart, round, diamond, rectangle, and square face shapes are also considered attractive to varying degrees. On the other hand, pear and oblong face shapes are not typically seen as attractive.

Celebrities with your face shape


To create the perfect look, you need to focus on making your face appear shorter and broader; you should aim to draw attention away from your jawline, so focus on making your eyes truly pop.
Contouring using bronzer should be used generously around the forehead and the chin to produce a softer look for your face. Meanwhile, you should highlight your nose, the tops of your cheeks (just below the eyes) and above your lips to draw attention to the centre of your face and your eyes. Highlighting your cheeks helps widen the look of your face for a more rounded feel, too.
For those with an oblong face shape, we recommend bold eye makeup to truly help your eyes pop. If you have long eyelashes, there’s no need to add much more than mascara alone; however, if your lashes could use a little help, lash extensions or lash enhancing mascara will go a long way! Meanwhile, bold eyeshadow colours will help draw further attention overall to your eyes, which can help draw attention away from your longer chin.
For your lips, you should choose natural colours. These always work well with oblong face shapes and can help redirect attention away from your strong jawline and towards your eyes, thanks to their subtle nature.

Hair Style

The best hairstyle that matches your look are bob and lob styles. You also can never go wrong when you add bangs to it. Either of these styles can be done with medium, long and mid-neck length hair. You can also do the bob with short hair., or you can get really long bangs which can be be side swept across your face. This will make your face look shorter.
For medium length and mid-neck hairstyles, you could get a shaggy bob with a side parting. The hair is done with short gentle waves. You would have that slightly unkempt look, but that is the trendy look these days. When volume is added to the hair, it takes the focus away from the length of the face and makes the eyes, nose and lips the focal point. You could also get a textured bob with short layers at the back all the way to the chin area, and then sign the look off with bangs. You could try a short bob; with a bit of the hair at the front slightly covering the forehead when the hair is swept to the side. This is a perfect way to soften the face and minimise the long features.
For a long hairstyle you could add soft waves to the hair, bangs that can be swept to the side and layers added. This will add bounce to the hair, increase the width of your face and give the illusion of a rounder face shape.
A general rule to follow when doing a long hairstyle is to stick to loose waves or curls. A side or central parting is fine. The most important thing is that the style adds width to your face, as that gives the illusion of a thinner face.


Finally, your sunglasses will be the final thing that will pull your whole look together. The shades that will do this are sunglasses that are wider or have square frames. These will make your face look shorter as well as add width to it. Short and narrow frames are not what you want for your gorgeous face hun; these will do the exact opposite.
Now you see how easy it is to find hairstyles, make-up and glasses to go with an oblong face shape? Most people would think on a woman it would take a lot of work to get what looks right. In my opinion, as long as you remember to accentuate your eyes and cheekbones, wear a hairstyle that softens your face and adds width to it, and apply that same rule to the shades you wear you will do just fine. You might even bag your Prince Charming looking like that, that is if he has not snapped you up already.If you wish to ask me something about face shape, add it as a comment here.