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Do you know what makes you attractive? Your best features are the Bi-Gonial Width, Bi-Zygomatic Width, and Bi-Temporal Width. Also, you may want to know your features that need special attention. Your features that require improvements are Jaw Angle, Upper-Lip Height, and Eye-To-EyeBrow Margin.


Your Bigonial Width is 114 IPD units and the ideal value is 100 IPD units. The larger the value, the better it is. You have a fair score for this feature.

Why is a larger Bi-gonial width attractive among males?

A study conducted at the Department of Sociobiology and Anthropology, within the University of Goettingen and University of Vienna (Windhager et al, 2011) found that “Both physically strong men and those that women perceive as masculine and dominant had a broad middle and lower face, a short nose, and thin lips”. However, “when perceived attractiveness is high, the lower jaw is narrower and not square”. Adding further to it, “females rated males with an increased facial height and a prominent lower jaw as more dominant, but not as more attractive”.

The positive effects of narrowing the male jaw’s width was also demonstrated in a study by Kleisner et al (2013). They found that “Men with wider faces are perceived as less attractive and less trustworthy”. Interestingly, males tend to rate their self-perceived attractiveness higher when they have a “relatively square mandible” or jawline (Kanavakis et al, 2021). This is likely due to the competing (and often opposing) values of males and females during sexual selection and mate choice. As a square jaw and “robust face shape” are the result of “a high testosterone-to-oestrogen ratio in pubertal males”, and “facilitate the lateral growth of cheek bones, mandible and chin” (Fink et al, 2005) it is likely men highly prize their masculine facial traits. Whereas, the ratings of male attractiveness and female preferences, prioritise a softer, less masculine male face (which can indicate a better father or “higher paternal investment”) (Dixson et al, 2016).

Celebrities with Longer Jaw Width

Celebrities with Ideal Jaw Width

Celebrities with Shorter Jaw Width


Your Bizygomatic Width is 150 IPD units and the ideal value is 137 IPD units. The larger the value, the better it is. You have a fair score for this feature.

Celebrities with Longer Cheek Width

Celebrities with Ideal Cheek Width

Celebrities with Shorter Cheek Width


Your Bitemporal Width is 153 IPD units and the ideal value is 144 IPD units. The larger the value, the better it is. This feature dramatically impacts your perceived attractiveness, and you have a high score on this feature and that also means you won a genetic lottery.

Celebrities with Longer Forehead Width

Celebrities with Ideal Forehead Width

Celebrities with Shorter Forehead Width


Your Jaw Average Angle is 163 degrees and the ideal value is 152 degrees. The smaller the angle, the better it is. You have a low score on this feature, but as we already know, no single feature determines the beauty of a face.

Celebrities with Angular Jaw

Celebrities with Ideal Jaw Angle

Celebrities with Rounded Jaw


Your Lip Upper Height is 8 IPD units and the ideal value is 6 IPD units. The smaller the value, the better it is. You have a low score on this feature, but as we already know, no single feature determines the beauty of a face.

Why is a smaller upper lip height better than a larger lip?

While accepting the vitality of the lips in determining facial symmetry and aesthetics, Kar et al., described the ideal lips features of the face, in terms of anatomy, landmarks, and proportions, together with the ethnic and sexual undertones. They ascribed this as the reason why the popularity of cosmetic surgery to improve lip size is on the rise. In conclusion, they opined that “, the ideal ratio of the vertical height of the upper lip to that of the lower lip is 1:1.6.”

In previous research done at the University of Louisville by Cunningham et al, the authors discovered that women find men with thin lips more attractive. “Faces with the individual mature features of a square jaw and thin lips were rated as more attractive than male faces with round jaws or thick lips.”

Furthermore, Piotr Pietruski and Majak provided more data on the ideal “attractive young Caucasian males” lower third face morphology, which included the lips and jawline.They were convinced that their observation represented the actual upper lip to lower lip ratio of an ideal male.They stated that ideally, “the upper vermilion height was found significantly lower than the lower vermilion height”. This, according to the research, made a strong case that their data, obtained using the Average Body Contours(ABC) image, may provide practical guidelines to help surgeons during lips rejuvenation procedures.

A “first impressions” study was carried out by Caroline F.Keating at the Colgate University involving 145 male and 154 female subjects demonstrating that thin lips made male faces appear more attractive than thick ones.

Celebrities with Smaller Upper-Lip Height

Celebrities with Ideal Upper-Lip Height

Celebrities with Larger Upper-Lip Height


Your Eye To Brow Inside Margin is 21 IPD units and the ideal value is 17 IPD units. The smaller the value, the better it is. You have a low score on this feature, but as we already know, no single feature determines the beauty of a face.

Why shorter distance of EyeBrow from Medial-Canthus is better?

In a study at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore by Jeffrey E Schreiber (et al, 2005) finds that the margin between eye and eyebrow is a sexually diamorphic feature. A smaller gap is a more masculine feature. They conclude from their research that the ideal distance of the medial canthus (inner edge of the eye) to medial brow (inner edge or the start of the eyebrow) is a “ratio [of] 0.547 ± 0.177” to the eye’s width. This ideal eye to brow distance is also less than their recommendations for females (0.573 ± 0.126), further supporting the idea that males with a smaller gap are more desired.

Dr.Sclafani (2010) at the Department of Otolaryngology, The New York Eye & Ear Infirmary also concluded that “Men desired a lower brow with a lower tail and a less accentuated peak.”. So this aesthetic preference for a small male eye to brow gap aligns between the genders, both men and women prefer a smaller male gap.

In a large meta-analysis study carried out in the Mayo Clinic, Rochester by Asaad et al. (2019) they demonstrated that “eyebrow height showed significant increase with ageing at the level of medial canthus, and the level of mid-pupil. However, no significant difference was found at the level of lateral canthus”.” Ageing eyebrows give the impression of a tired or sad appearance”.

Celebrities with Shorter Eye-To-EyeBrow Margin

Celebrities with Ideal Eye-To-EyeBrow Margin

Celebrities with Wider Eye-To-EyeBrow Margin

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