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Your face shape is diamond. Cheekbones are the broadest feature of your face. You have a narrow forehead and chin compared to the cheekbones, which are the most prominent part of the face. Your chin is pointed, and you have high cheekbones. You do not have a wide hairline. The hairline is usually small and circular around the edges. According to research, the most attractive face shape for women is a triangle. An oval face shape is widely considered attractive, while heart, round, diamond, rectangle, and square face shapes are also considered attractive to varying degrees. On the other hand, pear and oblong face shapes are not typically seen as attractive.

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The goal for diamond-shaped faces is to round the cheekbones and emphasise your natural lines and beauty; as such, careful contouring around the cheekbones and light foundation on the inner face will help draw more attention to your naturally beautiful features.
For a diamond-shaped face, we recommend that you use two different shades of foundation for contouring; one that’s two shades lighter than your natural skin tone, and one that’s two shades darker. This will allow you to minimise attention to existing contours for your face, while drawing more attention to your most beautiful features. Darker shades can be used on your cheekbones and around your jaw to add more shadowing and narrow out these wider points, while a small amount of highlight can be applied to your forehead, nose, and above the cheekbones, as well as a small amount above your lips. This draws light and attention towards the centre of your face overall.
Your diamond-shaped face ensures that you were already blessed with natural beauty and a largely symmetrical face; however, you’ll want to keep the focus on your eyes to draw attention away from your cheekbones. However, since you’re already naturally beautiful, you won’t need to do much to draw attention to your eyes! Sticking with a more natural look will usually be a great solution.
Since you have a diamond shaped face, your chin is almost perfect already (but your jaw is slightly wide). As such, a natural but dark color will be good to draw attention to your lips, but don’t overdo it, as you don’t need a big change.

Hair Style

The best hairstyle that matches your look are styles where you have bangs. You have to be careful though because bangs can be a hit or a miss on your type of face shape. So getting it right is important. As you have a strong facial bone structure, hairstyles with bangs will not only soften your face but also shorten the length of your face. You can achieve this with short, medium and long hairstyles. If you fancy a short trendy or even medium length style, you should go for one with bangs. The bangs should sweep to one side of your face, so the edges of the hair and how they rest on your face will reduce the focus on your strong cheekbones. Do not go for straight bangs as they can look heavy on a diamond shape and are harder to control as you go through your day.
If you want to try a long hairstyle, then it needs to have lots of layers. That way it takes the focus away from your chin and wide cheekbones. The hair can be curly or straight, you choose what you feel like wearing. A bang with a side sweep, with the help of a slightly off-centre parting, will seal the look you are going for.


The type of sunglasses that will compliment your face should have frames with soft curves; such as oval, cat-eye, semi-rim glasses and frames with a darker top half and lighter lower half. This way it balances the features of your face. You could even wear retro sunglasses. I recommend the browline which are often semi-rimless. These were all the rage in the 1950s and 60s but they are making a huge come back now. Your type of face shape is one of the few that has the flair to naturally carry off this retro look.
Having a diamond shaped face is a blessing that comes with a responsibility. Knowing what suits your face makes you stand out from the crowd in a good way. It also shows people this is someone who knows herself, is confident strutting what nature gave her and she is doing it so well.If you wish to ask me something about face shape, add it as a comment here.