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Face Analyzer Finds The Most Beautiful Celebrities

Face Analyzer: Scoring Ranges for Celebrities

Many people admire celebrities on television and off the screen as well because they are stunning and amazing. So many celebrities are absolutely beautiful and people would do anything just to look like them. Today you will find some of the most beautiful female celebrities based upon the ratings from the PinkMirror face analyzer.

Aishwarya Rai: Scores a Beauty Value of 9.3 Out of 10

As you can see the features on Aishwarya Rai are nearly perfect because the symmetry is wonderful. The ratios between each of her features is almost as high as someone could get. To have a 9.3 beauty value ration, shows that the beauty of her face is on the very high end. If someone meets these values they are as beautiful as anyone could possibly be.

Adriana Lima: Scores a Beauty Value of 9.2 Out of 10

With Adriana Lima, you can see that she has very high values in each of the PinkMirror face analyzer areas as well. Here chin, nose length are near perfect so if yours are this high, you should feel wonderful. Her lips, eyes and nose width are very high on the ratings. Even though her mouth does not hit the 9 range, it is still very beautiful and highly rated.

Beyoncé: Scores a Beauty Value of 9.0 Out of 10

With Beyoncé, the scoring ranges are quite high too. With a score of 9.0, you can’t get much better than that. Her mouth was rated at a 10 which is absolutely perfect. Beyoncé has eyes, lips and a chin that rank above the 9’s too. Her nose length, nose width and jaw line are all good as well. If you score a 9.0 on your photo, you are as beautiful as Beyoncé.

Angelina Jolie: Scores a Beauty Value of 9.3 Out of 10

How the Face Score is calculated?

With Angelina Jolie, she is admired by so many fans. Just about everyone thinks she is beautiful. When using the PinkMirror face analyzer, she scores a 9.3. That is absolutely amazing. Here mouth, lips, nose length, jaw line, chine and eyes are all excellent. Even here nose width is good.

If you want to see where you rank amongst these ratios, try out the PinkMirror face analyzer today!

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