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You have Heart Face Shape?

A heart face shape distinctively features a broad forehead and prominent cheekbones, tapering elegantly to a delicate, pointy chin, creating a charming silhouette reminiscent of a heart symbol. This shape is characterized by its balanced and appealing proportions, often associated with a youthful, friendly, and approachable persona. The expansive forehead and high, pronounced cheekbones contrast beautifully with the narrower jawline, exuding a sense of femininity and softness, making it particularly coveted in beauty and fashion circles.

Unique Features

  • Broad Forehead and Tapered Chin: The heart face shape is characterized by a broad forehead and prominent cheekbones tapering to a narrower, pointed chin, forming a silhouette analogous to a heart symbol.
  • Presence of Widow’s Peak: It often features a widow’s peak, which accentuates the heart-like contour of the face and adds to the overall distinctiveness of the facial structure.
  • High Cheekbone: The structure of this shape exhibits an expansive forehead.
  • Delicate Chin Area: The chin is typically pointed and delicate, contributing to the refined aesthetic of the face shape.
  • Smaller Jawline: This face shape adheres to a smaller jawline.

Social Perceptions

  • Youthful & Friendly: The heart face shape typically emits a youthful and amiable vibe due to its broader forehead and narrower, delicate chin, often making individuals appear more approachable.
  • Charming & Amiable: The silhouette of this shape, resembling a heart, is perceived as charming and creates an aura of warmth and friendliness.
  • Elegant & Sophisticated: High and prominent cheekbones are a signature feature, usually viewed as markers of elegance and sophistication.
  • Soft & Feminine: The tapering chin and wider forehead project a sense of softness and femininity, making this face shape desirable in the beauty and fashion industries.
  • Harmonious & Balanced: The distinctive features of a heart face shape are often seen as a well-balanced blend of strength and delicacy, contributing to a pleasing and attractive aesthetic.

Styling Guide

1. For Ladies
1.1. Make-up
1.2. Hair Style
1.3. Glasses

2. For Gentlemen
2.1. Hair Style
2.2. Beard Style
2.3. Glasses

For Ladies

If you have a heart face shape, you look like Eva Longoria. Beautiful heart shape.


When it comes to make-up, we are going to contour your temples and sides of your cheeks to make your face look slimmer. Always go for a bronzer that is a few shades darker than your complexion. This will create the right shadow effect. Use foundation that is slightly lighter to highlight your chin and jaw areas. We basically are bringing more attention to these areas to give the illusion of more width. This will balance out the shape of the face, from the forehead all the way down to your chin.

If you do not have naturally thick eyebrows then I would say enhance and possibly darken your natural brow. But if you have thick eyebrows then just stick to that, nothing fancy like angular shapes, just follow your browlines. We want to keep them looking natural, as this will reduce the width of the forehead.

For your lipstick you can go either way depending on your mood or outfit. Natural or bold and loud will work fine on you.

Hair Style

The best hairstyle that matches your look are bobs with bangs. Because you have a heart shape, your cheekbones and jaw stand out so it is important to wear a style that compliments those features.

A bob or bangs are also a nice way to change up your style. This is because as heart shaped faces have a slightly wider forehead, hence bangs would reduce the width and soften that feature.

You could get a chin length bob that is textured and dye your hair in two tones; to give it an edgy look. A long bob with a deep side parting would also look good. This will soften the look of your face and give it an illusion of a longer face. Bangs that can be swept to the side of the face will make it look thinner. If you want the bangs to cover all of your forehead then they can be cut just a little after your eyebrows. This will give your face a petite look. I think you would also look sweet in a curly bob. The hair is made into loose curls falling backwards from the face rather than on the sides. Curly bobs are easy cuts for people with naturally curly hair. If you have short hair you can do the classic pixie cut.

If you want to wear a sexy long hair style, you should consider curling all of your hair. Get a faint side parting on any side you like and let the hair fall where it may. This allows your hair to be free to get a little messy but still have that sexy look. The most important thing to remember when choosing a hairstyle is to go for one that will soften your facial features.


Finally, the sunglasses you need to be rocking is the next on the agenda. For your face shape you could wear glasses that have frames with detail at the bottom. This will balance the appearance of your face, with less focus to your forehead as the attention is on the lower half of your face. If you want to go for glasses with frames going all the way round, then go for floral pattered frames. This will draw focus to your eyes and cheekbones. You can find these in cat-eye sunglasses. If you would rather go for shades that will suit both professional and informal occasions, go for wayfarer sunglasses. These will give the illusion of making your forehead look smaller; which will balance out the proportions of your whole face. These are also currently in style this summer. Sunglasses with larger frames will also compliment your features well.

That is how we are going to change you up for your new look. When you understand your face shape then you will know how to pick what works best for you. By looking at what we have covered, I think you will do just fine. can help you to find your face shape automatically. Click here Portrait Analytics.

For Gentlemen

Wow! Do you know you look like Brad Pitt. That shape you have is the real deal heart shape; a shape after any ladies heart.

Hair Style

With a look like that, we have to hook you up with a hairstyle that will go with your face shape. Because you have prominent cheekbones, a wide forehead and a narrow chin you need to go for styles that will balance those features. To accomplish this, short to shoulder length styles will suit you best.

For short styles, the top of your hair can be softly layered, spiked and the sides of your hair cut short. As we want to soften the width of your forehead, you can go for styles that you can sweep the hair to the side. You can have a fringe which is textured; just remember to add some volume on the top as this will soften your forehead area. You can also have a quiff or a side parting. You do not need to have your hair on your forehead. This applies if you would rather have it all slicked back or if you have Afro hair which cannot be swept to the side. Even though your forehead is visible with these styles, we can still work with the sides. By keeping it shorter and neat with a gentle fade this will balance the aesthetics of your face.

Beard Style

If you hve a beard or thinking about growing one, then a decent stubble, a short beard or even a thick growth will go nicely with your face shape. It will add some width to your jaw area to make it look fuller, and balance the overall look of your face. If you prefer wearing your hair short and off your face, then a beard or stubble is definitely recommended. If you would rather go for a moustache, then go for a thin one. This will balance out the wideness of your cheekbones and jaw area.


You have to finish your look with good sunglasses to add swag to your look. Because you have a narrow chin, you need to go for glasses that will make the bottom half of your face fuller. Frames that are wider on the bottom half, such as square or rectangle shaped ones will do the trick.

16 replies on “You have Heart Face Shape?”

This was fascinating. I tripped across this while writing a book and looking for a description of Meryl Streep’s features. The quiz was enlightening. I liked how the “unattractive” portions were stated kindly and with some suggestion for how to offset some features to emphasize our strengths. (i understand the terms “attractive” and “unattractive” are being said in a scientific way–what has been proven to be responded to as attractive on an objective level) I liked the suggestions at the bottom. And, now I need to visit Sephora near our house to see about how to contour my heart-shaped face, and accentuate my lips 😉

I have an heart shape face with wider mouth whenever I smile because of my wider mouth it looks too ugly and very can I fix this problem suggest me some measures ..

I am a 58 Year old woman and surprisingly I have a heart shaped face because most people always thought for some reason I had a very round face I wanted to know if my nose scored Fair do I have to do I have a big nose and what can I do to fix my eyebrow and from the test I took does it look like I am very old looking for my age

I love the very honest feedback. It’s 100% going to help me in the future to help myself even more attractive? 🙂

Been called unattractive all my life I been treated like shit too but what would i need to improve on because i dont think im ugly at all but it feels bad that i feel like this

Hey Steven
I don’t know how that feels like…never been there but I think everyone’s perception for beauty is different. Not all are attractive but everyone’s beautiful. Not everyone looks like a model with perfect cheekbones and lips etc. And please do not compare yourself with one. Even men get there makeup done. Everyone’s definition for beauty is different. It is well said that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

Most people who feel like they’re ugly are definitely not. I’m 53, look 35, lived in a lot of places, and have been in a job that demanded me to meet hundreds of people a week. I have found there’s ALWAYS something attractive in a person, and as a Lady who was told how ugly I was all through school, (jealousy) my adult life changed everything. I learned some beauty tips, definitely got away from everyone that I had known, changed my hairstyle and clothes, and literally became a trendsetter.
I don’t know you, but I feel confident you have hidden qualities that you might like better when you look in the mirror. I bet you you are much more attractive than you think you are. And if it’s OTHER people who are making you feel bad about your looks, that always only happens when they are jealous.
Try different styles. Try different clothes. Do whatever makes you feel good as long as it never hurts anyone. And yes, beauty is really within and shows. Kinder and nicer you are, the more you give a warm smile to those in passing, the more attractive you become as well. Have a great day!

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