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You have Triangle Face Shape?

With a distinctive broad forehead tapering to a small, typically non-pointed chin, an inverted triangle face shape presents a chiseled, angular silhouette, creating the illusion of an inverted triangle. This shape is characterized by either a straight or slightly rounded hairline and pronounced cheekbones, often requiring specific styling approaches to achieve balance and symmetry, focusing on reducing the perceived width of the forehead while accentuating the lower facial region. It brings a sharp contour and sophisticated elegance to the overall facial structure, standing out with its unique angular cuts and distinguished appearance.

Unique Features

  • Broad Forehead: The inverted triangle face shape is distinctly marked by a broad forehead which is a prominent feature of this face shape.
  • Tapering to Small Chin: The face narrows down to a small, typically non-pointed chin, creating a silhouette reminiscent of an inverted triangle.
  • Chiseled, Angular Silhouette: This face shape presents a clear, angular structure, highlighted by sharp contours and defined lines.
  • Straight or Slightly Rounded Hairline: The hairline can either be straight across the forehead or exhibit a slight roundedness around the edge of the line.
  • Pronounced Cheekbones: Another characteristic feature of this shape is the pronounced and often high cheekbones, which can be accentuated with specific styling approaches.

Social Perceptions

  • Dynamic & Bold: The broad forehead tapering to a narrow chin can be perceived as indicative of a dynamic and bold personality, possibly reflecting an individual who is assertive and takes initiative.
  • Sharp & Focused: The distinctive and sharp contour of a triangle face shape might suggest a sharp and focused mind, representing an individual who is keen and concentrated.
  • Elegant & Refined: The high and pronounced cheekbones and the narrowed chin can be seen as signs of elegance and refinement, possibly portraying a sophisticated and gracious individual.
  • Innovative & Creative: The unique facial structure might be associated with innovative and creative thinking, representing someone with original ideas and a creative approach to problems.
  • Determined & Resilient: The pronounced and distinctive features may symbolize determination and resilience, suggesting an individual with a strong will and perseverance.

Styling Guide

1. For Ladies
1.1. Make-up
1.2. Hair Style
1.3. Glasses

2. For Gentlemen
2.1. Hair Style
2.2. Beard Style
2.3. Glasses

For Ladies

If you have a triangle face shape, you look like Tyra Banks with this shape. A beautiful triangle shape.


When it comes to your make-up, we are going to get creative with contouring to make your face look longer or even a little rounder. The goal of contouring is to reduce the width of your forehead. At the same time we want to create the illusion that your jaws and cheekbones are wider. This will totally balance out the proportions of your face. Therefore, the emphasis and focus will be more on features that will make heads turn, and get the men scrambling for your phone number.

When contouring use a bronzer to shade your temple areas in order to reduce the width of your forehead. Work around your jawline to make it appear slimmer, and reduce the sharpness. When doing your cheeks, contour the area near your ear to the corners of your mouth. This will make your face appear a little longer. We want to draw attention to the middle of your face, so highlight your forehead and the part of your chin that juts out the most.

Your eyebrows will look lovely with an angular arch and with more focus on the colour used around your eyes. Because this will draw attention to your gorgeous eyes and give it a dramatic look. Your eye shadow should be slightly darker than your skin tone, or you could go for a shade that will compliment the colour of your outfit.

When choosing the colour for your lips, do not go for anything too bright as it will draw attention to your chin area. Go for a cooler or neutral colour that looks almost the same as your skin tone.
Do not forget to add blush to your cheekbones; to minimise the appearance of your strong jawline.

Hair Style

The best hairstyle that matches triangle face shapes are ones that slim down your jawline and reduce the width of your forehead.

There are different hairstyles you can do with short, medium and long hair which can achieve this. When it comes to short styles, as long as the top of the hair is layered heavily, this will balance the dimensions of your face and make it look rounder and softer. You could have a sleek retro crop, short sides and a cool modern bouffant on the top. A pixie with a fringe; the bangs can be long, short, heavy or wispy would look cool. The fringe is important as this will narrow down the width of your forehead and round off the shape of your face.

For short to medium length hair you can have a long bob or a lob. This style works well with bangs falling straight over your forehead down to your eyebrows or eyes. This will make your face look shorter and wider. You could even have the bangs swept to the side. With the medium length style, having the hair fall just past the jaw area also does its own magic of lessening the hardness of the jawline.

Long hairstyles can be straight or curly. What matters is that you get a centre parting which allows the hair to fall nicely on either side of your face. It will frame your face beautifully by drawing attention inwards towards the centre of your face and make it look longer and slimmer. If you ever wear your hair as a ponytail then make sure you have a fringe or at least leave some wisps of hair falling down past your jawline. This will frame your face and make it look softer.


Now for the sunglasses to finish off your new look. When choosing the perfect sunglasses for a triangle face, we want to draw attention away from your jaw area. To do this we are going to be a little more dramatic with the shades you wear. You should get glasses that have lots of detail or colour in the top part of the frames; like a bold top frame. Also make sure the frames are wider around your temple area. Wider frames will make the outline of your hair appear wider; hence further balancing out the proportions of your face. I would say cat eyes, oval, glasses with angular frames or even shades with rimless bottoms will do this.

I think your transformation is now done! The rest is up to you, go work the shape that Mother Nature gave you. can help you to find your face shape automatically. Click here Portrait Analytics.

For Gentlemen

You know you look very much like Justin Timberlake? You have his triangle face shape. With the strong jawline, which is wider than the cheekbones and a narrow forehead you look like him to a tee. Did you know the best haircuts for your type of face shape are medium to long length?

Hair Style

Let me give you a few examples so you have some ideas for your next visit to your barbers. Because of your facial proportions, you will want to balance the top half of your face with the bottom half. The way to do this is to go for hairstyles that will give the top half of your face the illusion of being wider.

A fringe style is a good one to go for; it can be swept across your forehead or just left hanging. You can even go for a quiff style, a modern looking faux hawk, a messy hairstyle or even a pompadour that is textured. Although these styles do not conceal your forehead, they will give your face a longer look. The volume at the top of the head will also elongate your features and reduce the wideness of your jawline. You can also go for a comb over style or even have a side parting put in. Most of these styles should incorporate low or taper fades to set the style off.

Longer length hairstyles go well with your face shape; as it balances out the wideness of your jawline making it look less prominent. If your hair is naturally curly, you can get away with growing it to the bottom of your neck as that will offset the wideness of your jaw area. Also let the front hair fall over your forehead to give it a fringe; this will give the illusion of a fuller forehead. Remember, if you have a triangle face shape it is okay to have puffy hair. There is nothing feminine about that. In fact, the ladies also like a guy with a softer look. If you did not know that? Well, now you know.

Beard Style

When it comes to your beard you can get away with a bushy bulky beard. This will reduce the prominence of your jawline and balance the proportions of your face. If you do not want to grow a beard then a clean shave will look good as well.


You cannot complete a makeover without some good sunglasses, so let us see what type goes with your face shape. I recommend you go for frames that are wide on the bottom half. This will give your forehead a little more of a wider look to balance out with the width of your jaw area. Frames with some design in the detail will also do this, as well as balancing out your facial proportions. Your look is now complete! You are all set to turn the ladies heads, in a good way of course.

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Hiya, just done a face analysis, Thankyou!, I was just wondering what can I do as a ‘quick fix’ without using too much makeup if I am facing a time crunch, is there a way I can do my hair or accessorise before I go out if I don’t have the time, to improve my face shape?,
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