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You have Square Face Shape?

The square face shape is characterized by a distinctive, structured jawline, which is typically the widest part of the face and imparts a bold and striking appearance. This shape tends to have a shorter face height, and it is marked by equal width of the forehead, cheekbones, and jaw, creating a sense of balance and proportion, without the presence of pointy features. Instead, the jaw has angular edges and a flatter chin, portraying a face full of character. This form, with its well-defined and angular look, often exudes an air of confidence and is exceptionally photogenic in structured, well-lit settings, establishing a bold aesthetic appeal filled with character.

Unique Features

  • Prominent Structured Jawline: The square face shape prominently features a structured jawline, which is typically the widest part of the face.
  • Equal Width Proportions: It maintains equal width across the forehead, cheekbones, and jaw, adhering to symmetrical and proportional facial dimensions.
  • Shorter Face Height: Typically, this face shape exhibits a shorter face height, with the length of the face less pronounced than its width.
  • Angular Edges and Flat Chin: This face shape lacks pointed features, presenting angular edges at the jaw and a more squared and flat chin.
  • Well-Defined Angles: The well-defined and pronounced angles of this face shape contribute to its characteristic appearance.

Social Perceptions

  • Bold & Authoritative: Square face shapes are perceived as bold and authoritative due to their prominent and structured jawlines, projecting a sense of confidence and resolve.
  • Masculine & Strong: The well-defined and angular features of a square face shape typically convey masculinity and strength, radiating a feeling of stability and resilience.
  • Balanced & Aesthetically Pleasing: The proportional width of the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline in square faces is seen as harmonious and balanced, enhancing aesthetic appeal.
  • Mature & Refined: The distinct, sharp features inherent to this face shape are often associated with maturity and refinement, portraying an air of sophistication and elegance.

Styling Guide

1. For Ladies
1.1. Make-up
1.2. Hair Style
1.3. Glasses

2. For Gentlemen
2.1. Hair Style
2.2. Beard Style
2.3. Glasses

For Ladies

If you have a square face shape, you look like Olivia Wilde with that shape. A shape built with character.


When it comes to your make-up, our aim is to soften the look of your shape further. What we are going to do is contour the face to give it more of a roundish look. We will contour the sides of your face such as your temples and jaw area. Then we will highlight the middle section; that is your nose, forehead and chin to draw attention to the centre of your face. This will bring less emphasis to the angular outer areas. Highlighting your cheekbones is a must. This will also soften the square features of your face, and will give you the fresh and ready to go look.

Keep your eyebrows looking natural with a gentle arch. When it comes to your eyes do not be afraid to add colour. This will draw attention to the centre of your face. It is also a great way to make and keep eye contact with the gorgeous guys who will be doing double takes by the time your makeover is complete.

For your kissable lips, just wear bright or head turning lipstick. This will help draw attention inwards to the centre of your face. It will also take the focus away from your jawline, as well as add to the beautiful work of art your face will look like.

Hair Style

The best hairstyle that matches your look are styles that will smooth out the edges. This will give your face a slightly rounder look and soften your jawline. We can also achieve this with a short, medium or even a long length style. The most important thing to remember is that with such a unique shape, we need to go for hairstyles that will compliment your face.
With a short style, you could get a fringe which is layered in a way to draw attention to your cheekbones and away from your jawline. You could get a bob with bangs on the side which will frame your face nicely. Even a pixie cut will do, and yes you can get away with it if you layer the hair at the front so as to draw eyes and attention to it.

If you want to go for a medium length style, you could have the hair falling nicely down the sides. Loose curls or straight hair is up to you. Then you could have a rounded fringe, which will give your face a rounder look. You could also have bangs that you sweep to the side; which will flatter your gorgeous cheekbones.

If you want to go for a carefree look, then you could go for a shaggy lob; this style will minimise the appearance and sharpness of your angular jawline.

A long hairstyle is a fantastic option as well. You can have an off centre, side or even a centre parting. Spice it up by getting long layers, choppy waves or even going for the really curly curls. What these styles will do for your face is give it the appearance of a smooth rounded look. It will also soften the jaw area and also draw attention away from it.


Finally for your sunglasses, keep in mind to always go for glasses that are the opposite of your face shape. This way it will balance out the proportions of your face. It will also compliment your strong features; a result of the magic curvy frames can work on square faces is to soften the angles. This means cat eyes, oval, pilot glasses or even round framed glasses will suit you. All of these will go a long way to balance out the proportions of your face; by giving it a longer and slimmer look.

I hope you now see how hairstyles, make-up and even the sunglasses you wear can mask or hide certain features you have. They also work the other way round to compliment those features that some might view as a disadvantage. This is why it is important for one to know their body and face shape. That is the only way you can work with what you have; to turn what might seem like a negative into a super plus positive. can help you to find your face shape automatically. Click here Portrait Analytics.

For Gentlemen

Guess what? You look like the Doppelganger of someone famous, for real! You know Arnold right? The Terminator dude; Arnold Schwarzenegger. Am not playing, you have his look completely, including the square shaped face. Hope you will not mind me saying this, but you look like Arnold from back in the day. It is time he, sorry I mean you, get some updating. Hope I did not offend you by saying that, I just think you will look like an even better version with a few recommendations I am going to make now.

Hair Style

Before you get upset and rough me up for saying that, let me dive in by saying your hairstyle looks very good. But did you now that people with your shape look even better with styles that celebrate their masculine face shape? This can be achieved with many types of hairstyles because of the versatility of your shape.

You could go for the wet look style with your hair slicked back, or if it is short on the top get it spiked with a nice fade on the back and sides. A pompadour would also suit you. You can even get the good old military haircut; also known as a buzz cut. Just because the style is classic does not mean it is outdated; this is a style that will never go out of fashion. If your hair is medium length you could have some volume on the top, get a side parting and sweep it to the side. You could even try out a comb over style. If your hair is long you could shave the sides and back and tie it up in a bun or a knot. Damn, you could even get a quiff style; like a peaked, classic, messy or even a thick quiff.

Many of the haircuts I have mentioned can have an undercut added to them. Even the classic hairstyles that men have been sporting for decades can have this twist added to give it a modern edge.
The possibilities are endless for men with your face shape when it comes to haircuts. All you have to do is find one that catches your eyes. Have no fear when it comes to playing around with it a little. Who knows, you might even invent a new style and begin a new hair trend!

Beard Style

If you fancy growing your beard, then a long beard is a good idea. This will soften the squareness of your strong jawline by making it look a little longer. If you do not want to go long, then a good amount of stubble will still complement the attractive chiselled features men with your shape are known for.


The sunglasses are the next thing we need to talk about. We cannot have a good looking bloke strutting around without cool sunglasses! Now, because your facial features are quite angular, it is best to go for frames that do not have sharp angles. This will be too much as we want frames that will add a little softness to your face. Round frames are good for this, or even frames with soft edges. Also go for thin frames so they do not look too heavy on your face. This will over emphasise the hard lines of your features.

There you go, your make over is done! I must say, you do look like the GQued version of Arnold now! Nothing more left to update here. But if you find you need to refresh your memory on any of my recommendations? Then I shall leave you with hasta la vista, baby.

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