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You have Oval Face Shape?

An oval face shape, renowned as the ideal due to its balanced proportions, is marked by wider cheekbones, which are the most distinctive feature of its structure. The forehead and jawline are subtly narrower than the cheekbones, aligning harmoniously to form rounded edges, with the jawline also exhibiting gentle curves, absent of any sharp or angular contours. This face shape boasts a forehead slightly broader than the chin and a face length approximately one and a half times the width, crafting a symmetrical and well-balanced visage. The absence of extreme angles or irregularities yields a smooth, elongated appearance, allowing those with an oval face shape the luxury to explore a diverse range of styles and looks, with the majority complementing their features well, enhancing the face’s aesthetic appeal.

Unique Features

  • Wider Cheekbones: Within this structure, the cheekbones are typically the widest point of the face, standing out as the most distinctive feature.
  • Narrower Forehead and Jawline: Both the forehead and the jawline are slightly narrower compared to the cheekbones, contributing to the overall balanced aesthetic.
  • Rounded Edges: The edges of this face shape are rounded, and the jawline exhibits gentle curves without any sharp or angular contours and the absence of any extreme angles within the facial structure.
  • Slightly Broader Forehead: The forehead of this face shape is subtly broader than the chin.
  • Face Length to Width Ratio: The face length is typically one and a half times the width, establishing an elongated appearance.

Social Perceptions

  • Harmonious & Balanced: The proportionate and well-balanced features of an oval face shape are often associated with a sense of harmony and stability, suggesting a person who is emotionally balanced and grounded.
  • Adaptable & Versatile: Given the universal appeal and balanced proportions, individuals with oval face shapes might be perceived as adaptable and versatile, able to adjust to varying situations and environments.
  • Pleasing & Attractive: The symmetrical and evenly proportioned features typically are found pleasing and attractive, possibly leading to perceptions of the individual being friendly and likable.
  • Sophisticated & Refined: The smooth lines and balanced proportions can evoke a sense of sophistication and refinement, implying a poised and cultured personality.
  • Open & Approachable: The absence of sharp angles and harmonious proportions may render individuals with oval face shapes as open, approachable, and easy to talk to, reflecting a warm and inviting personality.

Styling Guide

1. For Ladies
1.1. Make-up
1.2. Hair Style
1.3. Glasses

2. For Gentlemen
2.1. Hair Style
2.2. Beard Style
2.3. Glasses

For Ladies

If you have an oval face shape, you share the versatile and elegant facial structure of celebrities like Beyoncé. Here’s how to enhance your natural beauty with the right makeup, hairstyle, and glasses.

Makeup Tips


  • Add a touch of blush to the apples of your cheeks and apply a warm bronzer to the underside of your cheekbones to contour and add dimension. This will give your face a vibrant, healthy glow.


  • Accentuate your best features with a natural arch to your eyebrows and dramatic eyelashes. This will draw attention to your eyes.


  • Any lip color suits you, so feel free to choose based on your mood, makeup, and outfit.


  • Stick to your regular foundation for a simple and natural look. Remember, you don’t need to enhance all your features simultaneously; simplicity is key.

Hairstyle Tips


  • Oval face shapes can rock any hairstyle, so here are a few ideas to inspire you:

Short Hair:

  • Pixie Cut: A pixie cut, especially with darker hair or a natural brown balayage, will look stunning. Adding highlights and lowlights with wisps of hair on the sides will emphasize your eyes and cheekbones.
  • Short Crop: A short crop style swept to one side will draw attention to your beautiful eyes and jawline.
  • Blunt Cut Bob: A long bob with blunt cut layers showcases all your facial assets and gives you a chic look.

Medium to Long Hair:

  • Wavy or Curly: Long, wavy hair using a curling wand or braids without a definitive parting can frame your face beautifully.
  • Sleek Ponytail: A sleek, wet-look ponytail or middle part with soft gel will add elegance.
  • Bangs: Adding bangs to any style can highlight your eyes.

Styling Options:

  • Whether your hair is straight, wavy, or curly, you can style it in many ways to suit your look.


Frame Shape:

  • You can wear almost any type of sunglasses: cat-eye, wayfarer, rectangle, or round shapes all work well for you.
  • A general rule is to choose frames slightly wider than the widest part of your face to maintain balance.

For Gentlemen

If you have an oval face shape, you share the striking features of celebrities like Adam Levine. Your face shape, characterized by a slightly wider forehead, balanced cheekbones, and a narrower jaw, is versatile and well-suited to many styles. Here’s how to enhance your look with the right hairstyle, beard, and glasses.

Hairstyle Tips

Ideal Styles:

  • Comb Over Fade: This style adds a rounder look to your face, making it perfect for those with thinning hair or those in their late 30s and beyond. It’s a classic, timeless look.
  • Messy Shaggy Haircut: Younger guys with an oval face shape will find that a messy, shaggy style complements their youthful features.
  • Military Haircut with Fringe: A short military cut with a subtle fringe helps to shorten the length of your face, giving it a balanced appearance.

General Advice:

  • Classic styles generally work very well with oval face shapes, offering a wide range of options to suit your personal taste.

Beard Style


  • Thick Stubble or Beard: A thick stubble or full beard looks great on an oval face, adding a rugged, masculine touch.
  • Clean Shaven: If beards aren’t your thing, a clean-shaven look also suits your face shape perfectly, maintaining a fresh and sleek appearance.


Frame Choices:

  • Versatile Options: Oval face shapes can carry off most types of frames effortlessly, including round, square, D-frames, and aviator sunglasses.
  • Size Matters: Ensure that the frames are wide enough to match the width of your cheekbones to avoid a squished look.

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My face is oval according to this pink mirror! I didn’t know that! I think it used to be rounder at my cheeks but I’m aging. Can you tell me where to put filler to appear more youthful?
I really like the pink mirror! I learned so much about face science!

I wear eyesight glasses so which frame is suitable according to my face shape as by the calculations im an oval face shaped, im in my mid 30s now and in my early 20s I was told I have heart/square shaped face, so I want to ask does the face shape changes with age and not to mention weight gain after marriage n kids. Thanks a lot in advance

i think 8.4 is bad i wanted it to be a 9 + but do you think 8.4 is bad and tell me the truth not just because your kind
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Its actually quite good. 9+ is really hard to achieve, but if you are in the high 8s, put makeup on correctly and you can get high nines (idk I have 8.8 and with makeup I’m 9.8 so with makeup you could probably reach at least a 9. I’m not a professional, don’t take my opinion seriously)


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