Face Shape

What is my Eye Shape

Eye Shape

Round Eyes: Large and circular, with a visible white area around the iris.

Almond Eyes: Characterized by a visible iris touching both the top and bottom eyelids with a slightly upturned outer corner.

Narrow Eyes: Eyes that are more elongated and less tall, giving a narrower appearance.

Eyelid Shape

Double Eyelid: Characterized by a visible crease that creates a fold in the eyelid, allowing the upper part to move separately from the lower part.

Hooded Eyes: The skin from the brow bone hangs down and partly or fully covers the eyelid.

Monolid Eyes: Lack of a defined crease on the eyelid.

Eye Orientation

Downturned Eyes: The outer corners of the eyes turn downwards.

Straight Eyes: The outer corners of the eyes are aligned horizontally, creating a straight line across the eyes.

Upturned Eyes: The outer corners of the eyes turn upwards.

Eye Distance

Close-Set Eyes: Eyes are closer together than one eye width.

Normal-Set Eyes: Eyes are spaced one eye width apart, creating a balanced appearance.

Wide-Set Eyes: Eyes are farther apart than one eye width.

Eye Depth

Deep-Set Eyes: The eyes are set deeper into the skull, creating the illusion of a prominent brow bone.

Normal-Set Eyes: The eyes are positioned in a balanced manner within the eye socket, not too protruding or deep-set.

Protruding Eyes: The eyes appear to bulge out from the eye socket.

Eye Size

Large Eyes: Proportionally larger compared to the face.

Normal Eyes: Proportional to face

Small Eyes: Proportionally smaller compared to the face.

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