Golden Proportion

Why a sharper chin is more attractive than a flatter one among females?

The study, held at the Department of Anthropology, by Thayer et al. (2013) finds that “studies of female attractiveness consistently report that a small or narrow chin is associated with a more feminine appearance”. 

In another study carried out by Jung and colleagues (2018) at the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 220 students were requested to rate facial figures with alterations to the bigonial width and the vertical length of the lower face. It was found that the highest preference score was indicated for the standard figure (golden ratio), whereas facial figures with large bigonial width and chin length had the lowest score. This study demonstrated that a slender face with a sharper chin angle is favored over a face with larger bigonial width. 

This finding is further supported by a study which reported that broad and/or square chin can be aesthetically unappealing (Hirohi, 2021). 

Another retrospective study involving 36 patients carried out by Zhang et al (2014) demonstrated that reducing mandibular width G-G distance from 119.9 mm ± 3.9-109.7 mm ± 3.5 and creating a sharper chin enhanced the aesthetic beauty significantly.


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