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You have Diamond Face Shape?

In the diamond face shape, the cheekbones are the most broad and pronounced feature, standing out against a narrower forehead and chin. The forehead is not wide, typically smaller, with a hairline that is subtle and often rounded at the edges. The chin tapers to a pointed shape, enhancing the overall angular and refined aesthetic of the face, which resembles a diamond contour. The high and frequently sculpted cheekbones impart a sharp and sophisticated allure, with the potential to create captivating shadows and highlights under defined lighting, making this face shape notably photogenic.

Unique Features

  • Broad & Pronounced Cheekbones: The cheekbones are notably broad and are the most pronounced feature of the face.
  • Smaller Forehead: The forehead is typically smaller than the cheekbones, with a subtle hairline often rounded at the edges.
  • Pointed Chin: The chin tapers to a pointed shape, also smaller than the cheekbones, further accentuating the overall angular and refined aesthetic of the face.
  • Angular & Aesthetic: Presence of angular features resembling a diamond contour.
  • High & Sculpted Cheekbones: Often, the cheekbones are high and sculpted, enhancing the sharp features of this face shape.

Social Perceptions

  • Mysterious & Intriguing: The unique and sharp contours of a diamond face shape may evoke perceptions of mystery and intrigue, drawing people in with a desire to know more about the individual.
  • Energetic & Dynamic: The high, sharp cheekbones and pointed chin can project an image of energy and dynamism, suggesting a vibrant and lively personality.
  • Elegant & Sophisticated: The elegance and refinement inherent in the diamond face shape can lead to perceptions of sophistication and a refined taste, possibly attributing high aesthetic and cultural values to the individual.
  • Strong & Determined: The pronounced and angular features of the diamond face shape can suggest a strong-willed and determined character, indicating resilience and tenacity.
  • Artistic & Creative: The distinctive and captivating features may lead to assumptions of artistic inclinations and creative talents, associating the individual with aesthetic and innovative pursuits.

Styling Guide

1. For Ladies
1.1. Make-up
1.2. Hair Style
1.3. Glasses

2. For Gentlemen
2.1. Hair Style
2.2. Beard Style
2.3. Glasses

For Ladies

If you have a diamond face shape, you know, you look like Kate Bosworth for your face shape. Lovely diamond shape.


It is very important when you have a diamond shaped face to always use two shades of foundation. The lighter color is for the areas you want to highlight, such as your forehead and chin. The darker color should be used on areas you do not want to emphasize and potentially contour; such as your cheekbones. You can achieve this by using the darker or warmer color on the outside of your cheekbones going in towards the center of your face. As your facial features are already stand out making you gorgeously unique, there is no need to do anything fancy to your eyebrows or lips. Just keep them looking natural and follow the natural lines you were blessed with.

Hair Style

The best hairstyle that matches your look are styles where you have bangs. You have to be careful though because bangs can be a hit or a miss on your type of face shape. So getting it right is important. As you have a strong facial bone structure, hairstyles with bangs will not only soften your face but also shorten the length of your face. You can achieve this with short, medium and long hairstyles. If you fancy a short trendy or even medium length style, you should go for one with bangs. The bangs should sweep to one side of your face, so the edges of the hair and how they rest on your face will reduce the focus on your strong cheekbones. Do not go for straight bangs as they can look heavy on a diamond shape and are harder to control as you go through your day.

If you want to try a long hairstyle, then it needs to have lots of layers. This will have a balancing effect as it takes the focus away from your chin and wide cheekbones. The hair can be curly or straight, you choose what you feel like wearing. A bang with a side sweep, with the help of a slightly off-centre parting, will seal the look you are going for.


The type of sunglasses that will compliment your face should have frames with soft curves; such as oval, cat-eye, semi-rim glasses and frames with a darker top half and lighter lower half. This way it balances the features of your face. You could even wear retro sunglasses, as they ae very trendy currently. I recommend the brow line which are often semi-rimless. These were all the rage in the 1950s and 60s but they are making a huge come back now. Your type of face shape is one of the few that has the flair to naturally carry off this retro look.
Having a diamond shaped face is a blessing that comes with a responsibility as well. Knowing what suits your face makes you stand out from the crowd in a good way. It also shows people this is someone who knows herself, is confident strutting what nature gave her and she is doing it so well. can help you to find your face shape automatically. Click here Portrait Analytics.

For Gentlemen

Did you know you have that Johnny Depp look about you? With those chiselled cheekbones and squared jaw, that is a diamond shape one cannot miss. The kind of haircuts you should go for are styles that will balance out the proportions of your face; which are the cheekbones, forehead and chin area.
Long hair actually works wonders for your kind of face shape. Although you can also achieve that balance with short haircuts, as long as it is done well.

Hair Style

For short styles, you will need lots of volume on the top to soften the sharp angular features of your face. Spiking the top which would look cool. If your hair is slightly longer, then you can have a fringe cut that can be swept to the sides. A faux hawk is a trendy style. It will make your face look longer therefore balancing out the width of your cheekbones and jawline. You can have your hair slicked back or even go for a side parting. Just make sure your hair is a little messy and has some texture to it. This will give you that slightly rugged yet cool look, which will compliment your features even more. When doing your hairline, make sure the barber uses a taper or comb over fade. Anything more will make your face look even slimmer and over emphasise your strong cheekbones.

Beard Style

If you want to grow a beard or have one and not sure what to do with it, then go for something that will balance out the width of your jawline. Having a beard will also mask the strong pointy chin your face shape is known for. A diamond shape is one of the few face shapes that can get away with growing a bushy beard. If you do not want to go full on with the beard, then a nicely shaped goatee or even a rough looking stubble will do just as well.


To finish off your look, you need the right type of sunglasses for your face shape. The diamond shape is lucky when it comes to shades as it can carry off most frame shapes. Because of the width of your cheekbones, the width of the frames matter as that will mask this area area well. Cat-eye frames, oval or even round frames will balance out the angles of your face and enhance your facial features. Retro styles or even frames with soft edges will also help soften the sharp features of your face.

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You have a oval face shape. You can try using aloevera to get rid of the dark circles, otherwise you r beautiful..really great skin!!

I was told that I had a diamond shaped face. What kind of styles would suit me? Correct me if I’m wrong about my face shape. This is the only pic with my hair off my face.

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