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You have Round Face Shape?

In individuals with a round face shape, the width of the face is predominantly equivalent to the length, exhibiting a balanced and symmetrical silhouette characterized by a soft, circular appearance. This form, typically seen in young children, lacks any sharp angles or prominent lines, instead presenting a softer, more youthful look. The jawline adheres to this softness, displaying a rounded shape as opposed to pointy or angular edges, maintaining the overall uniformity of the face. Notably, the cheekbones are the most broad and pronounced feature of this facial structure, and individuals with round faces tend to have fuller cheeks, which are usually one of the most noticeable characteristics of this face shape, giving prominence to a uniquely petite and harmonious aesthetic.

Unique Features

  • Equally Proportioned Width and Length: Individuals with a round face shape exhibit a face where the width is approximately the same as the length, resulting in a balanced and symmetrical appearance.
  • Circular Silhouette: This face shape is characterized by a soft, circular form that lacks sharp angles or prominent lines, giving it a more youthful and uniform look.
  • Rounded Jawline: The jawline of a round face is rounded rather than having pointy or angular edges, contributing to the overall softness of the face.
  • Pronounced Cheekbones: One of the most prominent features of a round face is its broad and pronounced cheekbones, often the most noticeable aspect of this facial structure.
  • Full Cheeks: Individuals with round faces tend to have fuller cheeks, enhancing the petite and harmonious aesthetic associated with this face shape.

Social Perceptions

  • Youthful & Innocent: Round face shapes, with their fuller cheeks and soft lines reminiscent of babies and small children, are perceived as reflecting innocence and youthfulness.
  • Friendly & Approachable: The symmetrical and balanced features of this face shape create an appearance of friendliness and approachability, making individuals seem more open and welcoming.
  • Harmonious & Attractive: The lack of sharp angles and the uniformity in a round face shape are generally considered harmonious and pleasing to the eye, contributing to a perception of attractiveness and pleasantness.
  • Soft & Feminine: Round face shapes are often associated with femininity and softness, attributed to their smoother lines and absence of pronounced, angular features.
  • Perceived as Naïve: Due to their youthful and softer appearance, individuals with round face shapes are sometimes perceived as more naive or less experienced, reflecting certain societal and cultural biases related to facial structures.

Styling Guide

1. For Ladies
1.1. Make-up
1.2. Hair Style
1.3. Glasses

2. For Gentlemen
2.1. Hair Style
2.2. Beard Style
2.3. Glasses

For Ladies

If you have a round face shape, you know, you look like Selena Gomez or Ariel Winter or Thomasin McKenzie. A lovely round shape. Since the triangle face shape is considered most attractive for females, we will show you how to enhance the rest of your features with unique tips for your makeup, hairstyle, and glasses to help turn a round face into a triangle-shaped one.



When doing your eyebrows go for a darker colour and give your eyebrows a bit of an angle. This will not only draw attention to your eyes, but it will elongate the shape of your face.


Go more for warm colours for your eye makeup. This will also draw attention away from the roundness of your face. Remember, wide and natural brows are best on a round face.


For your cheeks, we want to make your face look thinner. To do this we are going to contour under your cheekbones with a bronzer. Add blush to your cheeks and under your cheekbones to make your face look longer.


If you have full plump lips just leave it like it is. But if your lips are slightly thinner, draw them out a little more to make them look plump. The lip colour you wear should always compliment your skin tone.

Hair Style

The best hairstyle that matches your look are styles with subtle texture such as waves or loose curls. Wave styles will help flatter your round shape and make your face look longer. The best hair lengths to do this with are medium and long. You can also do short styles like a pixie cut to contrast the round shape of your face. Just make sure the cut has lots of textures.

For medium length, you could have loose waves with bangs that are swept to the side of the face.

You could also carry off a mid-neck piecey bob without any problems. As long as it has got lots of textures and the hair is styled in in loose waves with a semi side parting. Leave the bangs loose so they can be swept to the sides of your face; you would look super cute in that.
Another bob you could try is the side-swept bob with textured layers. This will draw more attention to your eyes and less focus on the roundness of your face.

The shag hairstyle is suitable for mid-neck to shoulder length hair. It has a slightly unkempt shaggy rock chic look about it. The layered gentle waves in the style gives the illusion of a slimmer face, and draws attention to your cheeks, lips and eyes.

When looking at long hairstyles, ombre or balayage waves in dark brown tones are a classy yet daring hair fashion statement to make. It shows people you have class, but also have a naughty side to you. This hairstyle will bring attention to your cheekbones.
You could also do a long wavy natural looking hairstyle with centre-parting and the hair falling gently on the sides. This minimises the roundness of your face shape, and draws attention to focal points in the middle; like your eyes, nose and lips.


Due to your face shape being round, your cheekbones and jawline do not stand out as much. This means we need to get you shades which will make your face look a little wider. Nothing does that better than glasses with rectangle or square shaped frames. These will add definition to your face, give it the illusion of being longer and add some character as well.

For Gentlemen

Did you know you look like Jack Black? You have that unmistakable round face and even his cheeky smile. Not sure if you know this, but because of your type of face shape it can be a little harder to find the right type of hairstyle to suit you. This is because the widest part on your face are your cheekbones. Hence the style you get has to be right, so as not to make your face look wider or rounder than it is.

Hair Style

The best type of haircuts for you are short to medium length styles. We are going to have a look at what is out there to give you some ideas for when you next visit your barbers.

In order to avoid making your face look wider or rounder, hairstyles which have more volume on the top than on the sides are best. You can go for a faux hawk style or spiking the hair on the top with decent gel and getting a nice fade on the sides and back,. A fringe that can be swept to the side, as long as the side are not too short, would look fabulous as well. You could also get a style with a middle or even a side parting. Even a pompadour or a quiff style will give your face the illusion of looking a little longer. If you have Afro hair, you can add a little character to the top of your style with a little slant to it. This looks pretty cool on guys with round face shapes.

If your hair is medium length then you can even get away with a messy style you can play about with. If your hair is thinning and receding and you are thinking of going bald? Why not? This type of bravery to expose it all will most definitely distract people from focusing on the perfect roundness of your face. Rather they will be captivated by the shiny bulb staring back at them! I am being serious though, if you want to go bald go for it. Your round shape can still carry this style well.

Beard Style

When it comes to your beard, if you have a beard or thinking of growing it. A stubble is fine or you can have it longer than that with a nice shape up. Do not grow a bushy beard as this will add way too much roundness to your face. If you want to grow a goatee, that is cool as well. The one cut into a point is quite trendy these days and would go well with your face shape. This will add some length to your facial structure.


When it comes to the sunglasses, you should go for frames that add some dimension or angles to your face. Some will even slim down the cheekbones giving your face a less rounded look. This means square frames or frames with soft angles will accomplish these goals. Whatever you do, do not go for round frames. They will make your face look too round.
Your makeover is complete! I hope this will help give you some ideas on how to work with what you have. Being round is not all that bad, in fact, it is not bad at all.

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OK so here is the thing… Im overweight. So if I lose weight will my face become better?Like really fat. I’m only 5’3 and weigh about 75kgs. So Im working on reducing weight but will that help in making making my face more ladylike. I mean will it help my eye get bigger or more defined features or maybe make my cheekbones stand out or an amazing jawline? At least any of them. I don’t have nice looking features it’s just plain boring. No colorful eyes or dark brown hair or big doe like eyes. Please suggest something thing to acquire at least a few of these traits! Thank you!

Hi, I think your suggestions for my round face shape are pretty good, but i love vintage/retro fashion ( read:1920s or 1940s Hollywood glam) so could you please give me some tips for makeup for a round face but in vintage style? I want to look vintage:)

This is totally incorrect I have always had an oval shape as did my mother, I have always had very big beautiful eyes and most people said this all of my life including several make up artists, and my eyes used to look much bigger without any makeup when I was in my teens and 20’s,when I was 23 I had pictures taken of me by a professional fashion photographer for my birthday,and he took a 160 pictures of me,mostly headshots and the model make up artist said that I had doe eyes. I have a wider forehead and I always had high cheekbones even as a baby which is what is typical with an oval shaped face,I was a lot thinner when I was younger so my cheekbones were more prominent.

You also said two women have gorgeous eyes,but didn’t say this about my eyes which are actually still a lot bigger and a prettier shape than theirs with or without makeup.My lower lip actually looks somewhat full in several pictures that you said that they are slightly thin.I don’t know how to apply eyeliner correctly and I have deep set eyes and in my more recent picture I made a mistake and put the espresso eyeliner on too thick on my top lids which a consultant at the Loreal company told me makes the eyes appear smaller.

Also you rated my eyes 10/10 in a few pictures,then 7/10 and these were portraits taken the same day for my 50th birthday, and you also rated my lips 10/10,but 8./10 for the same exact pictures! When I first submitted my recent picture and got a free enhancement it said that my eyes are a good feature and that I’m very attractive overall.Then a different analysis by the algorithm didn’t say this,and then when I submitted the same picture again it just said I was attractive.

I have to say I was never told I had normal typical eyes,when I was younger several make up artists (and even a medical assistant when I was 44 and I was only wearing mascara)) said I had really beautiful eyes including when I was 43 a young woman who was working in a small market was a make artist who was going back to California with her boyfriend,and was only working at the store in the summer. And I took my sunglasses off and she said wow you have really beautiful big eyes,you took off your sunglasses and woo! She had lighter brown eyes than mine that weren’t as big and she was wearing eyeliner but I was only wearing mascara and when I was 18 I might not have had anything on when the make up artist in the hair dresser’s said it, and my eyes aren’t round at all either,and you said they aren’t too small,well they aren’t small at all they are still bigger than average but as I said they don’t appear as big as they used to when I was in my teens and 20’s.

Maybe the way I put the eyeliner on changed the shape of my eyes but they don’t look round at all to me in the picture though.I think that just wearing volumizing mascara with or without eye shadow just on my lids makes my eyes look bigger and eyeliner makes them look somewhat smaller.

Maybe I should just wear this and not eyeliner at all but I do want my eyes to look bigger and stand out more but maybe the eyeliner isn’t doing this for my eyes.

When I was a baby and a child many strangers used to come up and say what a gorgeous,or beautiful baby and child,I don’t remember when I was a baby but my parents and maternal grandmother told me.I do remember constantly being told as a little girl though,one time I was with my maternal grandmother in a supermarket and two elderly ladies came up to me and stared and then said,What a beautiful little girl,such big beautiful eyes and such beautiful color hair.

My mother was beautiful as a young woman,she had dark brown blackish hair though,but her lips were fuller than mine,she was an artist who went to art school for years and even sold some of her sculptures at local galleries,and she was very talented at drawing with charcoal pencil and pastel crayons,she drew me when I was 5,and sculpted my face when I was 7,and when I was 18 I sat for her drawing me in charcoal pencil.

She never sculpted or drew my older sister who is four years older than me and has green eyes and medium brown hair,her eyes were never as big as mine but they were a big and pretty shape too.

Most people said my sister was just very cute or pretty at the most,and when I was a late teenager my mother told people that I was an unusually beautiful baby and child,and that I was a show stopper,she said to me when I was a late teen,that people were so stupid,they would come up to you as a baby and child and say how beautiful you were,and then they would turn to my sister and say You’re cute too,and I hated those people and I wished they would have shut up because I would see my sister giving me the jealous evil eye,and I wanted her love and acceptance not jealously.

A childhood and high school friend of my mother’s who had a daughter and a son many years older than me met me when I was 9 years old.She too said how beautiful ( and smart) I was and she said that my mother said to her during the years they went to college together in the same car every day from the time I was 9 until I was 13 when they graduated,that she’s an artist and she knows beauty,she’s just *perfect*! Another time to her that I was so beautiful,and sometimes I looked so exceptionally beautiful,that when I look at her I can’t believe she’s my daughter.

My grandmother told me that when she was pushing me in my stroller a woman stranger came up to her and said,Where did you get such a beautiful granddaughter?! My mother wrote in my baby book that I was beautiful from birth,and said when I was two that I’m gorgeous and that I know it too because people stop us everywhere we go and make a fuss over me.

When I was 20 my maternal grandmother’s 60 year old friend who had her own children and grandchildren who was 15 years younger than my grandmother opened a photo album that was on our coffee table and she saw a picture of me at age two with my 6 year old sister and the lighting was dim in the room so she couldn’t see my light skin with strawberries and cream complexion,with light orange yellow hair and the contrast of my very big dark eyes,but she said, You were a fantastic looking baby,such huge beautiful eyes! When I told my father that she said that,he said *Everybody* said that about you.My mother said that my eyes were so big that they took up my whole face.

My father’s older sister had 4 very pretty daughters and her oldest daughter who has green eyes and (dyed) blonde hair who was 13 when I was born also told me several different times that she remembered me as a baby and that I was really beautiful.

One time she said this when I was 21 and she was 34 and her third daughter who was an infant with big blue eyes and light brown hair that many people were also saying how beautiful of a baby she was.

Many of my aunts and uncles including my aunt’s husband who had two daughters of his own,and many neighbors including women and men with daughters of their own,also said how beautiful of a baby and child I was and they still told me about this in my adult years.

A guy I was friends with who lived some houses down,had a much older sister,and she and his mother also told me how beautiful of a baby and child I was.His sister said what most people said,she said that when she saw me as baby she thought I was the most gorgeous baby she’d ever seen,she said imagine a baby with light skin and strawberries and cream complexion,beautiful light red hair and huge beautiful black eyes,they weren’t actually black they just looked that way because of the striking contrast of my dark eyes with my light skin and light red hair. Thankfully I never had freckles though.

When I was 18 with no make up on I sat down for a free makeover in my hair dressers and the makeup artist took my face in her hands and she said,What a gorgeous face,those eyes those cheekbones!

She told my mother that I had the perfect face and a skin and bone specialist was there and he said that I had my mother’s beautiful skin and the perfect bone structure. I was thin all my life eating anything and everything until I was 34 and to go on a diet for the first time,so my face was thinner and my high cheekbones showed more prominently.

When I was 6 years old my uncle my mother’s younger brother took me to meet his fiancee who he married months later,she was 24 and most people said she was beautiful,she was tall,thin and dressed beautifully like a fashion model,and she had big beautiful green eyes,a decent nose,beautiful shaped face,high cheekbones,and somewhat full but not too full beautiful shaped lips and she was very intelligent too.

She and my uncle got divorced when I was 19 and that was the last I had seen her when she called my house when I was 22.And I told her what I remembered about meeting her and she said that’s right,she also said that when she met me she said she thought I was the most beautiful child she’d ever seen in her life.

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